Like Symbian WhatsApp Pulls The Plug On Old Blackberry and Windows Devices

According to an announcement, WhatsApp will not be working on devices with Blackberry OS, Blackberry 10 and Windows 8 or older. The move comes at a time when there are a majority of iOS and Android platform users and dominate the market together. The Facebook owned WhatsApp has been the most popular mode of messaging for a few years now and has little to no competition.

However, over the years the app has become more than just a messenger and now WhatsApp will not be working on older devices from Blackberry and Windows platforms.

WhatsApp Will Not Be Working On A Few Devices

If you own a device with Blackberry OS or Blackberry 10 then WhatsApp will not be working on your phone this coming year. The company has withdrawn support from these devices and will focus on more popular platforms. These bunch of devices are already 3-4 years old now and apparently Blackberry has moved onto Android ecosystem leaving its proprietary Operating System behind. The WhatsApp support for the newer Android phones by the company will still be provided in the future.

Along with the above mentioned phones, smart phones with Windows 8 or older operating systems than that will also not be able to work with WhatsApp. The Windows devices were once the sole focus for Nokia which took the company to the grounds. Other manufacturers like HTC too made Windows devices but soon went ahead with the market favourite Android. Windows ecosystem is dead to Microsoft itself and the company has no plans to keep it alive. WhatsApp will not be working on your older windows phones but the devices running Windows 10 are pretty safe for now.

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WhatsApp Pulled The Plug On Symbian Devices A While Ago

WhatsApp might not work on old Blackberry and Windows devices anymore but it is not the first time the company has pulled the plug on a ecosystem for the first time. A while back the company also stopped supporting the Symbian operating system which was once the pride of Finnish phone maker Nokia.

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