WhatsApp Update – New Set Of Emojis To Make Your Chat Even More Fun

One of the most popular applications used for communication – WhatsApp is back with a brand new update. This time, doing something out of the box, the WhatsApp application has introduced its own set of emojis which can be used by some of the users of the application. WhatsApp is one of the most convenient ways to which communication happens in today’s scenario. Apart from text messages, WhatsApp can be used to share videos, pictures, put status as well as do the calling as well. The new set of emojis which have been introduced by WhatsApp can be found in the new update.

WhatsApp Introduces New Set Of Emojis 

WhatsApp has introduced a brand new set of emojis for some of the users. Earlier, the WhatsApp application was making use of the emoji’s of Apple for its application which is available for both the android as well as the iOS users. The android and iOS versions of WhatsApp application previously used to make use of the emojis which originally belonged to Apple. The brand new range of the emojis introduced by WhatsApp application has been inspired by the emojis used by Apple and possess only a slight difference from them.

On noticing carefully, the newly introduced emojis by the WhatsApp application are likely to appear on the bolder side and are a bit more cartoonish in appearances. Whereas, on clearly noticing on an overall basis, any user of the WhatsApp application are likely to spot a very minimal level of difference in between the Apple version of emojis as well as the WhatsApp application’s newly introduced set of emojis. For thousands of new WhatsApp emojis, Stickers and Themes, download the latest Fouad WhatsApp version now.

WhatsApp New Emojis Inspired By Apple  

The newly introduced set of emojis by the WhatsApp application are currently available in the beta version which is for the android users and will be available for the other users very soon. Adding to the level of differentiation, WhatsApp application has added to their set of emojis like elves, genies as well as vampires which as of now are not available on the iOS devices. Other differences like the water pistol which was originally green in color appear in orange in the emojis introduced by WhatsApp.

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