Who Acts Like a Political Joker? Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi

As the elections are approaching, Indian politics is facing a lot of ups and downs. The leaders of prominent parties are fighting against each other to prove their credibility as a better politician and demote the reputation of others. The fight for the position of Prime Minister is held between Narendra Modi of BJP and Rahul Gandhi of Congress. In this most anticipated political circus, Rahul Gandhi is a joker has termed by many senior BJP leaders

Yes, you read it correctly. Rahul Gandhi is a joker for fighting for the right of farmers, for supporting women empowerment, for ruling out corruption for his own party and for many other selfless acts for the welfare of the nation and its citizens.

Rahul Gandhi is getting repeatedly trolled on social media, newspapers and news channels about his actions as a politician as well as his personal life is also mocked every now and then by the opposition party leaders and supporters. It is believed that Rahul Gandhi is a joker of Indian politics and his speeches are an act of stand-up comedy.

It may appear as a shocking fact for the people who make these allegations that the person they have been making fun of since 2014 after BJP won the election is the one truly dedicated for the upbringing of the nation. Their most beloved leader Narendra Modi who they have chosen as the Prime Minister of the nation in 2014 has done nothing in these last four years except fooling the nation and bringing its people to an economic crisis. If you still find it hard to believe, let’s take a look at some acts of humour by BJP leader Narendra Modi since 2014

The fifteen lakh promise.

The role of a joker is to make fun by acting like a fool. But Narendra Modi took 1 step ahead and make fun of the innocence of people by fooling them with the promise of depositing 15 lakhs in their bank accounts. Modi has promised the Indians that he will bring all the black money that is deposited in the offshore account back to the nation which will make every citizen of the nation wealthy.

Instead of bringing the money back, BJP government has become to party to face the highest number of bank frauds. A lot of corrupt businessmen and bankers has taken advantage of immunity form BJP politicians and committed several bank frauds of hundreds of millions and depositing the money gained from frauds in offshore entities making Indian banking system vulnerable.

The magic of Demonetisation:

Narendra Modi tricked the entire nation with Demonetization. The magical act of announcing the note ban left the whole country in shock and without any idea to act forward to it. What else you expect from a joker, shocking you with some funny act. Well, in this case, fun was intended for the BJP leaders who settled their black money before demonetization and the nation stood still helpless because of Modi’s foolish trick.


When the nation was trying to recover from the financial and employment crisis due to an unplanned act of demonetization, Modi stunned the Indians with another magic trick up his sleeve. He implemented the GST bill without giving it any thought. The economy collapses badly after GST and the current GDP on India is on a frighteningly low level. What’s better than a joker throws your business out with his poorly planned policies within seconds and leave you without a clue.

Fuel Price Hike:

The best joke act is the one where you can’t anticipate how the series of the act is going to surprise you at the end. Modi did exactly the same by changing the fuel prices on a daily basis and bringing them to the record high level breaking the backbone of transport companies as well as common people.

These are some of the best act by our beloved Narendra Modi Ji whose party members often call Rahul Gandhi a joker. After taking a look in the last four years of Modi’s governance, it is safe to say who is fooling the nation with his corrupt magic tricks and who is getting blamed for the same.  


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