Who Regulates Legal Online Casinos in Poland?

If you look at the history of gambling, you can see that gambling is almost as old as mankind itself. Through various archaeological finds it can be proven that you can go back to the first games of chance to the year 3,000 BC. The games of chance at that time were dice games made of bones.

With regard to the present time it is obvious that the games of chance have undergone a strong development and change. Nowadays, Poles are looking for the most beloved “najszybciej wypłacalne kasyna” to play to try their luck in the game. 

Nevertheless, it must be noted that in Poland there are strong legal regulations regarding online gambling.

First Freedom then Restrictions

In Poland, gambling was not regulated by law in the first years after the fall of the Soviet Republic. The country had entirely different problems and was largely preoccupied with getting a thriving economy off the ground.  

It was not until 1992 that politicians seemed to take notice of gambling and introduced restrictions on the opening of new stationary gambling halls and casinos. Then peace reigned for a long period of time. 

More or less unrestricted, every citizen of legal age could indulge in his or her passion for gambling. The big bang came in 2009, when Miroslaw Drzewiecki, then Minister of Sport, suddenly found himself embroiled in a corruption affair, while the strings for a casino tax were being pulled in the political background. 

Prime Minister Donald Tusk seized the opportunity and began to rail against gambling and enforce strict restrictions. The old freedoms were suddenly over as gambling was generally banned. 

 The only exception was sports betting. Poland’s bookmakers were allowed to apply for corresponding licenses, provided they had their headquarters in the country. Otherwise, they were left empty-handed. 

Nowadays, it is pretty easy to find reputable online casinos on the net, thanks to the wide arrange of offshore casinos that are available on the web. 

Current Polish Gambling Market 

Sports betting is one of the most popular and successful bets in Poland because it is the only bet characterized by real legality. 

However, the law with the high tax in 2017 led to a complete withdrawal from the Polish market of many international online casinos. Before this step, they even explicitly approached Polish players and tried to appeal to them.

Nine legal local casinos can be found in Poland today. Warsaw is the biggest casino city in Poland. There are two casinos there, where a large number of table games, poker, roulette, blackjack, some slot machines and video slots are available. 

The Marriott Hotel and Casino in Warsaw can be called the largest casino in Poland. There are a total of 27 gaming tables and 70 slot games there for the gambling enthusiast population. 

Accordingly, all Poles who love to gamble have the opportunity to live out their passion for casino games in Polish casinos or the remaining offshore online casinos.  


The world is on the move, and laws are not cast in stone: This can be seen well in this brief historical outline on gambling in Poland. 

What was once forbidden can become legal again and vice versa. For people who like to gamble and are also keen to travel, it is always good to know what the legal rules are in your current country of residence. Only those who are informed move on safe ground!


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