Why are business listings important and how it impacts your business

In this modern era, the identity of your business or company needs digital credentials. Without an online presence, your venture could well be termed as ‘non-existent’. Now while this may seem a bit too far-fetched, but that is how modern customers discover new businesses.

If they find them on the internet, they will engage with the products and services offered by the company. If not, well, then it becomes hard to expand your business operations. You would remain restricted to the local area alone. Finndit is one such business listing platform that resulted in small and medium scale businesses (MSMEs) widening their horizons and achieving a national footprint.

Finndit offers your business an edge

While there are quite a few business search engines out there, Finndit distinguishes itself from the competition by offering auxiliary services, in addition to merely listing a company. To grab potential customers on the internet, a company needs aggressive digital marketing strategies. In general, these services are quite expensive and the MSMEs can’t spare so much cash for advertisements. Finndit comes to the rescue here.

Finndit offers the option of getting your business listed and verified. While the listing aspect is free of cost, the verified listing bears nominal charges. But by spending just a little bit, the business could reap massive benefits in return. What are the features of a verified listing you ask?

Tools with verified listing

A verified listing entails a plethora of useful tools that could enhance the visibility and outlook of your business identity online immensely. This includes services like business logos, business information (email, phone, address, working hours, etc.), 3D graphics, photoshoots, videos, mini-websites, review, and social media management, content, digital press releases, digital flyers and brochures, and much more.

All these tools are critical in today’s digital age to boost the discoverability and presence of any institution on the internet. The experienced staff at Finndit works tirelessly to optimise and enhance the customer experience on the website and mobile app. Irrespective of whether you are a business owner or a user looking to find local stores or shops nearby, the mobile app is designed to provide you with the most accurate results.

Finndit was established in 2020 and in almost 2 years, it has imposed its presence in 11 countries. The platform boasts of over 20 lakhs of business listings in such a short duration which is a testament to its success and effectiveness. A ton of businesses have experienced massive growth in revenues and profits post their association with Finndit.

The platform hosts products from over 45 business categories and over 1,970 business subcategories. It offers the small retailers and vendors to utilise the e-commerce platform within the Finndit infrastructure so that they could sell directly to the customers. With the convenience of verified listing, the users are more likely to purchase from you due to the trust factor at play. So, if you are interested in listing your business on Finndit or want to locate services and businesses in your vicinity, make sure to download the Finndit app or visit the website.


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