Why Do Men Only Think About One Thing?

Are men really only interested in sex? It is seen in commercials, television ads, sitcoms, popular magazines and various reality shows. There are commercials with guys running after, trying to woo or ogling babes. We’ve all seen a character from a sitcom, who is constantly on an attempt to get some action indicating the very same using double meaning jokes. Reality shows feature singles in steamy hot tub scenes and couples running into bed. We have all read about male politicians or celebrities who have often cheated on their long-suffering wives without much repercussion. Newspapers and magazines usually feature cheating male politicians and celebrities on the cover in an elaborate expose. 

Would you say men are shallow creatures who are desperate to escape commitment, looking for a feel, or more from any woman they meet?

Adult toys are very crucial elements which help a couple to make this process more interesting and get better results. There are many platforms which provide you with explorative toys and men love these kind of sex toys. They feel it gives them an extra element of surprise and keeps the unexpected element alive in the relationship. 

A Study that says otherwise

Researchers studied 27,839 men ages 20-75 in eight countries and found they differed clearly from stereotypes of masculinity and quality of life. An interesting aspect of the study was to compare men with and without erectile dysfunction. Amazingly, there was no significant difference between the thoughts and findings between the two groups.

In the study’s masculinity section, the single highest ideal was “being considered an honourable man”- far more important than “being physically attractive,” “selling well to women,” or “keeping a sexual life.”. This attribute, together with “having control over your life,” accounted for about 60% of responses.

The Issue of Some Men

Some men, however, follow what has been called the Player Deadly Dating Pattern. Often, these are the “bad boys” that women find immensely enticing because of their smooth, romantic, and alpha behaviour. However, underneath their seductive passion and outlook, these men are usually insecure, have low self-esteem and have a “me-first mentality.” They normally value conquest over respect and loyalty. Women who want lasting love relationships may find it hard to deal with the players due to these very reasons. Studies showed that 98% of the cerebral cortex is occupied by sexual fantasies in these men.

Men were surveyed and asked to rate the following goals from most important to least important:

  • Being healthy
  • Getting the most out of life
  • Having a harmonious family life
  • Having a satisfying sexual life
  • A fulfilling career or work life
  • Partner/wife relationship that is good
  • Enjoying a comfortable home

It was quite surprising to see the results again. While it was evidently different in the top answers depending on the country, “Having a satisfying sexual life” always ranked last. Other top answers included: “Being healthy,” “Having a harmonious family life,” and “Partner/wife relationship that is good.” 

Findings Regardless of Age

What was even more shocking were the findings regarding marital status and age. Among younger men, aged 20-39, the top three goals remained the same. When comparing single individuals to married individuals, the only difference is that singles scored “Getting the most out of life” in second place and “having a harmonious family life” in third, while “happily married” ranked only a distant fourth. This time also, “Having a satisfying sexual life” was ranked last.

Amazingly, men with erectile dysfunction (ED) as well as those without ED ranked “having a satisfying sexual life” dead last on their choice list. 

According to the study, the findings are consistent with various other studies on different problematic male relationship patterns. Despite fears of vulnerability, being loved and being loved, most men want good relationships with their partners. In spite of its obvious importance to men, a satisfying sex life isn’t on their list of major concerns.

And yet, it is Important

Intimacy is important regardless of it being dominantly on anybody’s mind or not. There are certain emotional and deep state connections that are triggered by and made strong during these physical relations. These are the moments where dependency on each other and thoughts about each other predominate the mind, bringing the couple closer. The exploration or the intimacy of knowing each other to the fullest gets you closer to your partner’s psyche and makes the relationship stronger. 


Ajay Deep

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