Why Does My Skin Sag At An Early Age?

Your skin loses its elasticity as you age, and in the process, your muscles atrophy and you start experiencing classic symptoms of aging around your cheeks and chin. When this happens, you get an unpleasant result simply because your face reveals the years you have lived in the world.

You might think that there is only one way out to get your right skin tone back; going to the plastic surgeon, but in reality, things are not that bad. You can find out why your skin is sagging when you are still young and find home remedies without having to go to an expensive plastic surgery specialist.

However, we recommend that you visit an expert who will assess your skin and, if need be, administer treatment such as botox, which will go a long way in helping your sagging skin.

This article highlights the question of why you’re skin is sagging and some of the best methods you can apply to regain its health.

  1. You no longer consume your desired dose of fatty foods

If you are monitoring your health, there is a high chance that you abandoned fatty foods. However, if you deserted consuming fatty foods altogether, you are depriving your skin of fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6 that help your skin retain the elasticity of the cell membranes.

  1. You have a broken hormonal balance

Lack of estrogen is probably the reason your skin has lost its elasticity. Estrogen stimulates your dermal fibroblasts to create balanced levels of collagen and elasticin.

  1. You eat a lot of sugary foods

If you consume a lot of sugary foods, you might be messing up with your skin’s elasticity. When sugar is in its unprocessed state, it inhibits elasticin and collagen in the skin. Even in an instance where your dermatologist has administered botox treatment for your sagging skin, you must maintain healthy sugar intakes.

  1. You like sunbathing a lot

Ultraviolet rays are not considered healthy for the skin by all means. UVA rays penetrate the deepest layers of your skin, referred to as the dermis, which has 70% of collagen. When basking in the sun, ensure that you have a proper hat and sunglasses. You should also apply some sunscreen lotion.

  1. You have lost weight drastically

When you go through some sudden weight loss, your skin takes a negative toll. If you have plans to lose your excess weight, it is advisable to do it gradually. Dermatologists recommend that you pay a lot of attention to your facial skin when in the weight loss process. You are also advised to make proper use of special exercises and skin tightening creams.

Your skin projects your overall body health, and when you take good care of it, it will give you the desired confidence. If your skin has sagged in the recent past, you can reclaim it by doing a proper diet, doing the right exercises, and making sure that you use only recommended skincare products. If you do that, you will reclaim your skin’s glow back and it will be radiating and giving a healthy shine.


Ajay Deep

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