Why Games Are Good for You

Video games have historically suffered from negative public opinion concerning their impact on health, both physical and mental. When they first came out, parents across the world were anxious about their children spending time on products that were designed to keep them doing other productive things and they worried that they may be a cause of apathy. They were then seen as a way in which children can develop behavioural problems such as increased aggression, a popular idea that was at its height when examples like Grand Theft Auto came out. However, over the years, the video game industry has managed to gain the public’s trust, something that can be seen by its meteoric rise.

When one looks at how much the industry has grown, the numbers can prove shocking. There are now around 2.5 billion players in the world, showing how popular the activity has become. Given this number, it is likely that the recent lockdowns would not have affected many too badly as they would typically have a console or PC in the house to play on. During this time, many might have taken part in online gambling at sites like asiabet8888.com, though many more would have preferred to play video games. Despite the hobby being so popular, there are still select groups of people who denote video games as harmful. 

While there are drawbacks to playing video games, these are relatively insignificant and are problems that many other forms of media face, proving that those who oppose video games have a problem with media in general. These issues include game addiction, the extreme end of spending too much time playing video games. This can be managed by allocating a set amount of time to play each day. The other issue is eye strain, which can occur from playing too much. The easy way to solve this is to stop playing when the eyes begin to hurt, or simply purchase some blue light glasses.

Now that the drawbacks are out of the way, people will now see that video games offer a host of benefits to those who choose to play them. One of these is that they provide a method of escaping from the real world, something that everyone should have as an option. This makes the monotony and hardships experienced in daily life more bearable, and this positive would have been especially useful during the recent pandemic.

Another way that they are good is that some offerings can prove to be highly educational. While smaller games that come under the puzzle genre can improve logical and critical thinking, especially when played at an early age, even some blockbuster games can teach players a thing or two. People only need to look to Assassins’ Creed, a popular series within the gaming industry. Each instalment is usually set during a period of history, meaning players can learn all about times like the Renaissance, Ancient Egypt and many more.

There are too many benefits to list here, but this was just a taste of the positives people can experience when they play video games. Those who were previously on the fence should now feel confident about the range of benefits that playing video games provide.


Ajay Deep

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