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Immigration laws must be followed by anyone who wants to move permanently. The lengthy and diverse history of immigration has frequently resulted in the emergence of multicultural societies. A wide variety of cultures and ethnicities from earlier immigration waves can be found in many modern states.

Citizensl.com stablished a reputation as one of the top migration companies in a short amount of time. A Slovenian, Slovakian, Hungarian, Romanian, Latvian, Lithuanian, French, or Estonian ID-card can be obtained by repatriation process with the help of such lawyers.

When foreign applicants, who meet the requirements of the migration legislation, apply for passports, the governments of the listed European states offer streamlined conditions and shortened terms.

Citizensl.com immigration company

For more than 12 years, the team of experts at our company has offered services for processing EU citizenship. High-quality service and quick document delivery are the two main advantages that clients of Citizensl enjoy.

Our primary goal is to assist people in obtaining second passport quickly, within a few months of submitting the paperwork, without requiring extensive Slovenian language proficiency, forfeiting prior citizenship, or staying in the country. If the client cannot provide information about their Slovenian terrytorial affiliation, the experts will help them to achieve that documents.

It will take 1-2 working days to familiarize yourself with the documents and determine the extent of the work, and it will take up to eight months to complete. Citizensl’s experts will discuss and recommend your first steps toward receiving a favorable response. When you obtain a passport of that country, you become a citizen of Republic of Slovenia, as well as the European Union.

You will be able to:

  • Live and work in any country that is a member of the alliance; 
  • Invest in real estate at a reasonable cost;
  • Acquire a quality education that satisfies European standards; 
  • Have the access to social benefits like insurance, loans, and various allowances;
  • Submit the necessary paperwork for a family reunion in the country; 
  • Establish your own business with favorable development prospects.

Remember that you are also in a location with the most beautiful scenery, including snow-capped mountains, calm lakes, and velvety forests. Here, you can enjoy all the benefits of contemporary civilization while living cozy and comfortably. Additionally, social protection laws will increase your confidence in the future. 

H2 How to obtain a Slovenian passport within a year?

A country that surpasses any other country in Eastern Europe in terms of ecological situation and standard of living, which has learned from its neighbors, while retaining its cozy uniqueness.

We are prepared to help and provide complete client support to apply for Slovenian citizenship.

The following are some methods of joining this nation:

Repatriation is the process of acquiring citizenship for people who were born or previously resided on the territory of the former Yugoslavia before June 25, 1991. Also, to use that procedure, the applicants can just prove their territorial affiliation by the specific documentation. The lawyers of Citizensl will help you to pass repatriation process easily.

Moreover, you can use naturalization method, applying on your own. It is the procedure for granting citizenship for scientific, economic, cultural, national, or similar reasons (when it is advantageous to the state).

Naturalization by the acquisition of a residence permit or permanent residence permit involves:

  • Continued habitation on national territory and subsequent acquisition of citizenship;
  • Providing (as a basis for the application) the registration of a legal employment under the contract;
  • Pursuing education;
  • Getting married, or reuniting with family members who are Slovenian citizens.

Customer reviews

The most recent rules and regulations imposed by the Slovenian government are available to our immigration consultants.

As a result, most people choose to work with immigration lawyers. Positive review about our services and how the procedure was completed within the anticipated time frame has been given to us by our customers. According to one of our clients who obtained second passport:

“I needed my Slovenian citizenship right away. Citizensl reacted on my request . It didn’t take long, but it depends on your situation. The team members are courteous and competent. I recommend them. “

Due to reviews: Is it worth obtaining EU passport with the help of Citizensl.com?

If you have always dreamed of a satisfying life in Europe, then perhaps your wish will come true sooner than you think. Hundreds of people have already resided permanently in European nations after receiving EU documents with Citizensl’s assistance, many of them left grateful reviews. We are doing everything we can to make getting all the necessary documents as easy and quick as possible because we value you and your time. You can contact us whenever it is convenient for you to get the most comprehensive guidance and details about obtaining an EU documents.


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