Why is the creation of the approval workflow that important?

Nowadays, all the information you have has to be approved by a higher rank employee, who is qualified enough to give his professional critique on some points of the document. However, classically, this process takes quite a long time, so you need to find the easiest way to reach the recipient. 

The delays may cause different costs for the company. Whether they would be minor or major doesn’t make any sense, due to the fact they will be. That is why optimization of the workflow is really important, and the use of a document approval app would be the best opportunity to decrease the number of possible delays, and make paperwork at least a little bit easier. 

How to create the workspace of documentation approval in PandaDoc?

PandaDoc is the service that gives an opportunity to use all the benefits of the workflow approval software. You can easily automate the processes of sending and getting documentation by creating simple templates. The process is more than just simple. 

There are several steps you should follow in order to get the maximum optimization of the work:

  1. Open the workflow setting and enable the “Approval” button;
  2. Choose the manager (or managers) in the list of provided admins. You can choose several managers, it will not depend on your work. 
  3. After that, press “Send” button, which will trigger the sending to the manager. The manager will receive an e-mail or other notification he can set up, to check.

Managers now have the access to the received document, and can either approve it or not. Workflow approval software provides an opportunity to get notifications almost on every action of the worker. 

For example, PandaDoc. The service is great, and it gives an opportunity just use everything that modern document approval software provides. There are no issues in the working of the service. 

Moreover, you still have an opportunity to create chats with your employees, where you can discuss the major points of the work. The client, of course, will not be able to see what the conversation is about. 

This document approval software like Pandadoc, also allows you to create unique templates for sending your work. It was mentioned before but did you ever imagine that creating a correct template only takes about 2 minutes. Of course, it can take more, everything depends on your computer skills. However, for each unique topic, you’ll have to create a new template. 

PandaDoc also gives an opportunity to keep data safe. The approval software looks great, providing the best methods of encrypting. It is really important when we are talking about proceeding with the documentation. 

Using workflow approval service is the way to raise the business to higher limits. Saving your time, you will multiply your profits.


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