Why Many Industries are Shifting Their Focus Towards the Mobile Market

Successful businesses all over the world are continuously finding ways to improve and develop their products and services. If there is something that they all do in common nowadays, however, it has something to do with giving the mobile market more attention than ever.

It’s easy to understand why many industries are now focusing on mobile tech. It is estimated that around 4 billion people worldwide are carrying a mobile device. Cisco also estimates that the number of connected mobile devices has already reached over 30 billion. While these estimated numbers seem to be high enough, more people are still expected to use mobile devices to connect to the internet in the coming years.

These numbers represent the number of people that businesses and industries could reach if they offer services to the mobile market. For industries like gaming and gambling, mobile tech has been revolutionary. For gaming, console-like games can now be played on mobile. People are also downloading the best betting and casino Indian app for Android and iOS to place their bets. 

E-commerce is now one of the biggest industries out there and around half of the online purchases are made through smartphone or mobile devices. In fact, in the US, around 80 percent of mobile users have made a purchase with their smartphone device within a year.

People Just Couldn’t Put Their Phones Down 

Smartphones are small or mini-computers that you can put in your pocket nowadays. Some smartphones are even more powerful than some laptops. This is why many people would rather invest in smartphone devices rather than gaming consoles or computers.

There are even people who heavily rely on their mobile devices and many of their daily activities require the usage of their smartphones. Who would have thought that such a small device would allow you to play games, browse the internet, and talk to people all over the world when the internet became popular in the 90s?

Today, you can even shop for anything online. Whatever it is you are looking for, it is most likely available on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and many more. People do many of their activities with their smartphones and great businesses should see its importance for them to stay relevant.

Why Businesses Should Give the Mobile Market More Attention

Any business that heavily relies on its customers for revenue should find ways to improve its customers’ mobile experience. The demands today mainly revolve around convenience and this equates to being able to use their smartphones to many.

Many customers now prefer using their mobile devices for their transactions. Not just on being able to purchase anything with their phones but also being able to pay their bills, transact with their banks, and even have access to healthcare.

Many businesses are now starting to apply self-service to their options. While many still prefer doing things with assistance, many are also starting to want to do things on their own. How often do you call customer service nowadays instead of looking for solutions online?

People want instant answers to their questions and problems and sometimes, to ensure that things are fixed, they have to line up and wait for their turn to get assisted. However, this is something that many businesses are now changing.

They ensure that their customers are assisted 24/7 by being able to chat with their representatives online. Some who can’t afford to man a business 24/7 resort to AI chatbots that are still helpful to many. 

Today, for businesses to be able to survive the industry they are in they have to know the trends and this includes allowing their services to also be available online or be accessible with a mobile device. 

The Future

Many industries have already claimed that mobile is the future. Gaming and gambling’s future is also gearing towards mobile tech. Back then, people were already satisfied with an online option but today, it’s important that the online option is compatible with mobile devices.

It’s not even enough to create websites that are mobile browser friendly. Many casino operators are starting to release their native apps to make their services easier to access. 

Even financial institutions are trying to get their mobile apps out there. People can still log in to their bank’s website but they would recommend the use of mobile apps better because of security and ease of access. This is a trend that we are most likely to see in the coming years.


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