Why T20 Cricket Has Rejuvenated Cricket Betting

Prior to the creation of T20 cricket, things were a little stale and although millions still tuned in to watch, the feeling was that an untapped market was out there waiting to be found.

However, that is certainly not the case now. T20 cricket has changed the game around the world and it has also had an impact on many other things. Places with a huge number of cricket fans and a T20 team such as Delhi come to life on match days, with everyone excited.

One aspect to change has been cricket betting. People did bet on cricket in the time before T20, but with many games being four or five day battles, it wasn’t too appealing as a betting sport.

The thought of waiting for days and watching to see if you had won put people off betting on cricket games. Now, with T20 games, things are far different.

The T20 Schedule

The T20 cricket schedule is something that has really taken the game to another level. We have many different leagues around the world, plus a number of international games that take place.

When you combine these together, we have a schedule that gives us T20 action for every month of the year somewhere in the world.

On rare occasions, we also have moments when more than one game takes place in a day, with back to back doubleheaders to keep us entertained for hours.

The entire schedule looks far more organised and regular, offering those who bet the chance to place bets regularly rather than waiting for weeks and months until the next event takes place.

Live Streaming and In Play Betting

Alongside seeing the changes made with T20 cricket, bookmakers have also made advancements with their own service. This has helped and the two together have been the reason why things have pushed forward so much.

Big bookmakers such as those listed on betfromindia.com offer players the chance to bet in play and watch the action via live streams. These don’t really suit longer formats of the game, but are perfect for the fast paced nature of T20.

With in play betting, those wishing to place a bet can do so while the game is on. The wild nature of T20 cricket is perfect for this, one over can make a huge difference and swing the odds around completely.

If you get this right, you can effectively win twice, once by placing a winning bet and once by betting at the right time to take the biggest price on offer.

Live streaming has also helped, people can watch the games live via their bookmaker. This means you can sit back and relax as the action unfolds, and because these games are only T20 games, you don’t have to sit there for a full day, or multiple days with Test cricket.

The creation of leagues such as the IPL has given a real boost to limited-overs cricket.

Then when you combine those with the way in which the bookmakers have improved their service for players, it is easy to see why cricket betting has been rejuvenated in recent years.


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