Why Taking Travel Insurance When Travelling Abroad is a Mustd

A holiday is a perfect way to unwind from the stress of everyday life but risks and unfortunate events do not see the time or place when they occur. In order to avoid stress and hassle during travelling, especially ones related to finances, having travel insurance in place is recommended.

Whether it is a family holiday, solo trip or a business trip one might be forced to face unprecedented situations and challenges which tends to multiply in terms of intensity when it is in a foreign country because of barriers ranging from an unknown language to new laws and regulations. Hence, buying International travel insurance will prove to be a wise decision in more ways than one.

Types of Travel Insurance and Its need

There are different subheadings under the broader spectrum of overseas travel insurance and it is advisable to do beforehand research and know exactly what to expect and ask for if it is not included in the plan. Some of them are:

Insurance for medical emergency – while travelling to a foreign land, factors like change in weather and the food amongst others might cause an individual to fall sick. There might also be injuries due to various reasons and in extreme cases, even death. This might cause emergency evacuation from that place, repatriation, sudden disability etc. Having coverage from the above in these stressful situations can really help ease the situation.

Insurance against trip interruption or cancellation – there might be various factors which cause a trip to be cancelled or abandoned midway. This may happen due to flights, political unrest in the visiting country and natural calamities. Most of the time the money involved is non-refundable and in large amounts. This insurance helps in applying for a claim against the amount of money involved.

Insurance against baggage that is lost, stolen or delayed – very often it has been seen that baggage goes missing at large airports or is stolen at public places in a foreign country. Sometimes due to different flight timings, there might be a delay in the arrival of the luggage. At times like this, the insurance provides temporary belongings to sustain until the luggage arrives. And in cases of stolen and lost also financial relief is provided.

Some more details regarding Travel Insurance

Apart from just the advantages, it offers in terms of the coverage against accidents and losses, there are certain countries that require the individual to possess the required insurance for travel while visiting. One such is the various European countries. It is mandatory to have insurance in place for a Schengen visa to be approved.

Having insurance while travelling gives the traveller an advantage of always having someone to talk to in cases of accidents and mishaps. The insurance company provides around the clock helpline number where an agent is always available to help solve your crisis. In many cases, language may be a barrier in a foreign country and one might not be able to explain the situation to the local people around. Having an agent at hand for such purposes helps in solving problems more effectively and efficiently.


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