Why You Just Can’t Beat Playing in an Indian Casino

All over the world, every day millions of people visit a casino to play the games that they love the most. From roulette to blackjack and from the slots to craps, everyone has their own favorite games too.

There are also lots of different themes to the casinos. Some try to conjure up the spirit and bright lights of Las Vegas while others follow the more elegant style of an exclusive club. These are all well and good but, for the Indian casino fan, they’re all a little lacking in something that’s very important – a sense of what players in the sub-continent really want to enjoy when they visit an online casino platform.

 Fortunately, there are certain brands like comeon-india.com that cater, if not exclusively for the Indian audience, certainly with their interests very much at heart. How they do this is by offering games and other opportunities that may not have the same prominence, or simply might not exist, on other sites.

Perhaps one of the most important elements isn’t to do with the casino games at all, but with the country’s favorite sport, cricket. For the huge numbers of India’s cricket fans, there’s nothing they like to do more than follow the progress of the top teams for big tournaments on sites like iplt20.com or, better still, the national side at bcci.tv. What makes it even better is being able to also place a bet on their team’s performance to make watching even more interesting. On an Indian betting site, it’s usually easier to go straight to the relevant page but sites based in other, less cricket-obsessed, countries can make it a little trickier.

Then there are the games that are exclusively Indian that you might struggle to find on other sites. We’re referring to games like andar bahar – sometimes also known as mangatha or katti. For those not familiar with the game said to have originated in Bangalore, it’s fast, furious and very quick to pick up. The rules are very simple: a card is drawn and the players then have to bet whether a matching card will be dealt to the andar (left) or bahar (right) of the table first. There’s always a 50/50 chance of getting it right.

Then there’s the very popular street card game of teen Patti, which most Indians will have played at some time in their lives. This is considerably more complicated than andar bahar, having more in common with games like three card brag or poker. Players who love to bluff their way through a game will also find that there are plenty of opportunities to do this, even online. Teen patti also offers more betting options than andar bahar, as well as having variations on the game offered by several India-based iGaming sites.

It all adds up to some very good reasons why an Indian casino site is more perfectly suited to the Indian player – and why Indian casinos are proving to be so very popular with players.


Ajay Deep

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