WiFi Dabba | Here’s How You Can Avail 1 GB Data For Rs. 20

Since its launch in September 2016, Reliance Jio has taken a toll on the telecom industry and has somehow proved its monopoly over time with having one of the maximum users of its connection. A Bengaluru based start-up has found its way to the telecom sector since its launch. Famous with the name of ‘WiFi Dabba’, this 13-month-old Bengaluru-based startup is known for offering 1 GB data to its users just for Rs. 20. Apart from Jio, many other established connections like Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL, Idea etc. on daily basis are providing different offers at cheap rates but ‘WiFi Dabba’ is something definitely to watch out for.

WiFi Dabba Plans | Get 1 GB Data For Rs. 20  

WiFi Dabba is one start-up which works as per the needs of the people in a world where the costs of data as well as calling plans are very high. The main motive behind WiFi Dabba is to provide the consumers with cheap rates of the various services thus meeting their requirement. Even after Reliance Jio was launched, the rates are comparatively high and with the emergence of WiFi Dabba, the prices are likely to drop further.

What is WiFi Dabba

This Bengaluru based data provider is a licensed ISP and is known to provide the facility with the small routers which are powered by fiber optics. As many as 350 routers have been installed around Bengaluru and WiFi Dabba has received some 1800 connection requests which are in the queue.

The routers have found a place in the local kiryana shops located in Bengaluru. A speed of 50 Mbps is being provided in a radius of 100-200 meters. WiFi Dabba is much cheaper than what the big companies are rolling out to their customers in the name of cheap data and calling plans.

How To Avail Data Packs With WiFi Dabba 

If anyone wishes to avail the data packs offered by WiFi Dabba, they will have to visit the local tea stalls or bakeries and ask for the prepaid tokens for these are the places where the WiFi Dabba routers or dabbas are installed. There is no application or link to visit to avail the WiFi Dabba data packs. The customers need to make use of the packs in their mobile phones, verify by making use of the OTP and finally connect to the internet. 1 GB data per day can be availed for Rs. 20, 100 MB data for Rs.2 and 500 MB data for Rs. 10 per day.

Source – ET


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