Will PM Modi Approve CG Employees Request of Minimum Pay Hike under 7th Pay Commission?

After the recommendation of the minimum pay hike, 7th Pay commission has been struggling to convince the government to officialize the recommendation. If one goes by the sources, there are many renowned media platforms that have hinted that the government is planning to reject the recommendation of increasing the pay scale benefiting the 50 Lakh government employees and pensioners. After the disappointment of CG employees, they have finally decided to reach out directly to PM Modi. The rejection of the 7th Pay commission recommendation to increase the pay scale has led to a disturbance among the employees and pensioners.

What is 7th Pay Recommendation that Government is not Entertaining?

Since last few months, 7th Pay commission recommendation of incrementing the minimum salaries of the government employees have been put under the microscope by the government. Last, when heard, the government instructed NAC that is National Anomaly Committee to present the report by 15th December 2017 stating all the impacts of the new recommended pay scale by 7th pay commission. Failing to do so on time fueled the disappointment among the employees working at different departments of government. In response to this disappointment, they planned to go on indefinite strike. According to the recommendations, the minimum pay was asked to be increased to Rs. 21,000 and fitment factor was supposed to rise to 3.00. Also, the promise was made that the final decision will be out soon, but the wait still persists.

Central Government Employees planning to Meet PM Modi to Increase Minimum Pay under 7th Pay Commission

After the news came that there will no minimum pay hike under 7th Pay commission, Employees in both Defence and Civil department are planning to raise their concerns in front of PM Modi. Although the decision has not yet been finalized and many sources inside the government are claiming that there still are chances of bringing the recommendation to implementation this year still the trust of employees have been shattered and they seek to consult the one person they believe will not let them down, Mr. Narendra Modi. This matter of redefining the Pay matrix under 7th Pay commission has been dragged for a long time now and this has caused huge disappointment among the CG employees.

Looking forth, the trust on PM Modi still sustains among the employee union and they are planning to reach out to him for the implementation of the 7th Pay commission recommendations regarding minimum pay and fitments ratio.

Source – ZeeBiz

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