Woman Dies at a Chandigarh Amusement Park Due to Her Hair During Go Kart Ride

28-year old Puneet Kaur was in Chandigarh with her 2-year old son and husband Amarjeet Singh

Chandigarh | In a chilling news this week, a 28-year old woman lost her life during a Go Kart ride in an amusement park near Chandigarh. The deceased has been identified as Puneet Kaur who was a resident of Bathinda district of Punjab. She had come to the Pinjore Gardens with her family that included her husband, two-year-old son and a few relatives. Tragedy struck when she was taking a Go Kart ride with her husband in an amusement park outside Pinjore Gardens near Chandigarh. She fell unconscious there itself and was later declared dead.

What Really Happened At Pinjore Garden near Chandigarh?

Sources reveal that the family had been on an outing to Pinjore Gardens and other tourist attractions of Chandigarh when they decided to go for a Go Kart ride in the Aqua Villa amusement park just outside the garden premises. Puneet and her husband Amarjeet went to take a ride while their child was being watched by a close relative. During the ride in Chandigarh, Puneet’s hair got stuck in the left wheel of the cart and was immediately pulled off from her scalp. Apparently, she was sitting on the left side of the cart with her hair open while her husband Amarjeet was driving.

She felt unconscious there itself and was taken to a private hospital immediately who further referred her to the General Hospital Sector 6 in Panchkula near Chandigarh. There she was finally declared brought dead.

The amusement park is run by Mr. Sushil Malik and the security and safety of the people is usually ensured by the managers at the Chandigarh amusement park itself. However, there has been no FIR until now and the owner said he will gladly accept the consequences if found at fault.

Inspector Sukhbir Singh, SHO at the Pinjore Police Station near Chandigarh said that though the deceased had a helmet on, she wasn’t wearing a hair band which made her hair get stuck in the axle of the wheel.

Who is at fault for the Chandigarh incident?

The incident that took place near Chandigarh is deeply saddening and we as responsible citizens should make sure a mistake like that is never repeated. Wearing lose clothing and keeping our hair open near moving parts of machines can prove really hazardous and can cause another incident like this. Also, amusement parks in and around Chandigarh should follow Occupational Safety and Health (OHS) guidelines to ensure the safety of the customers.


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