This is How Women Celebrate Karwa Chauth in Chandigarh

Karva Chauth: Call it a festival of women or maybe as the one for men because whatever a woman does on this auspicious day is for the long life of that perfect man in her life. We, here at Chandigarh Metro thought about providing you some insights about Karwa Chauth celebrations in the beautiful city of Chandigarh.

Sector 19 & 22: The Favourite Mehendi Spots of Chandigarh

B_Id_181945_karvaAlthough, mehendi stalls are set up in each sector of Chandigarh but Sector 19 and 22 remain a favourite among city women when it comes to applying mehendi on the spacial occasion of Kaewa Chauth. These two sectors are so crowded that one cannot walk in the corridor due to hundreds of mehendi artists sitting over there. Amazingly, not even a single artist is idle. Infact, every person applying mehendi has a waiting queue.

Rates for applying mehendi in sector 19 & 22 of Chandigarh range from Rs 150 per hand to as high as Rs. 1000 per hand. Rates don’t vary on design but go up as the day dawns. After all, its just the night before Karva Chauth and women will be ready to pay whatever the cost be.

The awesome sight at Mehendi Stalls:

B_Id_431660_karva-chauth-shopping-1If you have ever gone to market in the evening before Karva Chauth, you can very well relate to what I mean to see. Here are some common sights that you’ll see in Chandigarh markets on this occasion.

  • Husbands holding ladies purse
  • Husbands holding kids and pursuing them to stop crying.
  • Women waiting for their turn to apply mehendi.
  • Traffic jams on the road and people in a hurry to book a spot with some mehendi wala.
  • Girls waiting for the mehendi on their hands to dry. After all, they came on an Activa.
  • Some men waiting in queue outside ATM coz it’s more than Rs. 500 per hand.
  • Men opening car doors and giving a VIP treatment to women.
  • Husband holding sandals coz wife got mehendi applied to her feet.
  • Men offering eatables to women that too with their hand.

Ah, poor men! or call it love. Women wish it could be the same everyday!

Early Morning: Time to grab Mathiyan & Feniyan (as much as you can)


Waking up at 4:00 am in the morning might seem to be a tough task for many but women fasting for Karwa Chauth have to do it. They wake up before the sun rises and eat as much as they can. Feniyan in milk are considered to be a heavy food and then of course there are our favourite mathiyan – feeki ones and meethi ones.

The best thing after eating is that you again go to sleep and wake up after 10. This is your day ladies, enjoy it! Husbands, please don’t mind if your breakfast gets late or in some cases you don’t even get it.

The Fast: Not even Water

Karwa Chauth fast is considered as the most strict fast. If we talk about navratras fast, one can eat fruits and have juice. It is allowed to eat potatos in some fasts in the Hindu religion. If you are fasting on Karva Chauth, it is said that you can’t even have water the whole day. Women do all this for the long life of their husband and many unmarried girls also fast for their would-be. The best thing to do when you feel hungry is to go to sleep or maybe go for a movie.

Evening Hours: Time to Dress Up and go to Mandir with a Thali

1907606Women often go their nearest mandir along with other women from the neighbourhood where a pandit ji tells them some story called as the ‘Karwa Chauth Katha’. Many men like me always wonder what the story is 😉 Oh wait, Did I tell you that women spend hours in dressing themselves on the Karva Chauth evening. After all, by this time they are hungry and they don’t have any other work to do. #JustSaying (No hard feelings for the pretty ladies).

It is not necessary that you have to go to a mandir. Many women gather at a common place, maybe a friend’s house or some community centre and listen to the Karva Chauth Katha over there. After listening to the story, women often have something like tea etc.

The Karwa Chauth List: What Women do

  • Shopping for bangles and new clothes.
  • Apply mehendi a day before.
  • Eat feniyan and mathiyan before sunrise on Karwa Chauth day.
  • Time Pass by being hungry (Sleep, Movie, TV, etc.)
  • Dress up elegantly in the evening.
  • Go to mandir with a thali to listen the Karva Chuath Katha.
  • Wait for the moon to be seen in the sky.
  • See the moon, pray and complete the fast in their husband’s presence.

Karwa Chauth spirit in young Chandigarh girls

ct26The occasion of Karva Chauth is not just for married women, but young unmarried girls here in Chandigarh are also super excited. The belief that they are fasting for their would-be makes the situation even more exciting. Mehendi is one such thing like jewellery that girls fascinate about. Decorated markets of Chandigarh can be seen full of women – married with their husbands, some with their saasu maa and then these beautiful girls – some with their boy friends or simply with a friend.

Team Chandigarh Metro Wishes a Very Happy Karwa Chauth to all of You.

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