Chandigarh Becomes 1st City in India Where All Parking Lots Will be Managed by Women

Yes, guys, you heard it right. From now on, you’ll see women managing vehicles at parking lots of Chandigarh. With the bringing of this new idea, Chandigarh has become the first city in India to have women managing the parking spaces. The idea of keeping women as parking helpers has been picked up the Mumbai-based firm Arya Toll Infra which has got 14.78 crore contract to upgrade the city’s car parking spaces recently.

The company is also looking forward to make exclusive parking lots for women. In the joint initiative taken up by the municipal corporation and Arya Toll Infra more than 200 women would be hired as parking managers. So, it looks like Chandigarh is all set to…

Paint It Pink!

Ever since the women started driving cars they have been bullied by men for not having a sense good driving sense and things get even worse when it comes to parking. But today I feel truly proud to know that Chandigarh has welcomed the idea of deploying women in parking lots to help people with open arms.

The project coordinator of Arya Toll Infra, Sandeep Bohra has adopted this pilot plan for Chandigarh as he feels that the city is very safe for women as compared to other cities of India. Apart from bringing up women coordinators in the car parks of Chandigarh, the company will also designate “Pink Parking lots” which will be exclusive to women car drivers at the parking lots. Now that is news ladies! Isn’t it!

Women Parking Coordinators

The company will hire almost 200 women to coordinate vehicles in the parking lots of the city. The project will also promote women upliftment by providing them employment in an area that has been dominated by male employees for long. The Urban Poverty Alleviation and Livelihood cell of Chandigarh Municipality Co-operation will provide some of the women employees. The project coordinator Sandeep Bohra has the utmost trust in the woman efficiency and feels that a woman can handle about anything and everything she comes across. He feels that women are good managers.

To ensure the safety of the women coordinators at the parking lots CCTV cameras would be installed and the every staff member will register herself on the internal WhatsApp group. The staff can inform the WhatsApp group immediately if anything unusual happens on duty. The women who will apply for the jobs will be given formal training before deployment. Women will manage 25 car parks of the city from 7:30 am to 9 pm after that man will take up the duties from 9 pm.

Chandigarh To Get Smart Parking Lots 

Thanks to the new contractors Chandigarh is going some new amendments in almost 25 parking spaces across the city. The Sector 17 will get upgraded to multi-level parking system. A mobile app would be created for the vehicle owners to book their parking beforehand too and avoid any hassle where available spaces will be shown at nearest car parks. People can pay for their parking on the same app with its e-payment option. Moreover, some lots at the parking areas would be designated for the senior citizens and disabled drivers. An automatic parking slip generator will also be installed at all the lots in the future.

Source: Indian Express

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