Women-only Pink Parking at Elante Mall, Chandigarh & Its Features

Special women-only parking spots, Pink Parking has surely made life much easier for the kudiyas of Chandigarh visiting Elante Mall. This special parking area is dedicated only for women drivers to ensure that they don’t face parking hassles during busy hours. Pink Parking in Elante Mall, Chandigarh aims at ensuring convenience as well as security of women visiting the mall. You can now head to your favourite Elante Mall in Chandigarh and not worry about the availability of parking space because we have special parking for all the women – Pink Parking.

Pink Parking for Women at Elante, Chandigarh

Pink Parking on the ground-floor of multi-level parking is designated to ensure smooth movement of cars in the underground parking. Women drivers will no longer have in the multi-level parking to find a place to park their car. All they need to do is enter the pink parking area and swiftly park their vehicles. Yet, women aren’t forced to use the specified spaces, they are allowed to park anywhere in the parking but the special parking is to make it easier for them. Safety of women is the major concern and since majority of women visit Elante Mall, it is for their security that pink parking was introduced.

Features of Pink Parking at Elante

  • Separate but Equal – Pink Parking will help women feel safe.
  • The designated female parking space has brighter lighting, quick access to exits and extensive CCTV surveillance.
    Females are employed by the management of Elante Mall, Chandigarh to assist in parking.
  • Keeping the reflexes in mind, wider and rectangular parking area is allotted for car parking.
  • Only woman driver along with same sex passengers will be allowed to park their car in pink parking.
  • Parking rates are same as that of the normal parking

So let’s save a spot for ladies, expecting mothers, elderly and the disabled and ensure all parking lots are places of safety not danger.


Sakshi Sood

A post graduate in philosophy from Delhi University, Sakshi is a prolific writer. She is an avid reader with keen interest in traveling to places and exploring the untouched terrains. She has worked with Info Edge and taught primary school kids in Shimla. She loves to interact with people and write about their dreams, visions and idea.
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