Today is World Chocolate Day & Here’s How Indian Women Lead the Chocolate World

World’s Chocolate Day is here and today while India celebrates the same on July 7,2017, let us talk about what facts and figures according to a survey that ranked India as Number 1 in Chocolate consumption. Swiggy, the online food giant has carried out a massive survey in Indian sub continent to study ‘Chocolate consumption’ among Indians. The first of its kinds survey which in itself is pretty unique in nature boasts of Statistics and data which we as Indians, the non sugar-free population who needs an excuse to indulge into their sweet tooth cravings would love to flaunt any day.

The Unconditional Love of Indian Women : Chocolates !!!

Indians are known to have insanely high sugar cravings with Chocolate being one such indulgence that one can never get rid off. And Hello! where women are leading the world of current times, it is here too by a whopping amount of 25% in addition to existing record that women order ‘Chocolate based desserts’ more than men.
According to the survey, Women belonging to the age group of 18-24 years are more likely to order ‘chocolate based desserts’ online with an increased frequency of ordering the same at night. Most ordered chocolate based items include the crazy ‘Death by Chocolate’ followed by the ‘super –hot chocolate fudge’, Brownies and Milkshakes made of chocolates and pure bliss that you witness while savouring your favourite Chocolate truffle pastry.

World Chocolate Day with Swiggy Survey

We find reasons to indulge in our sugar cravings but since today is World’s Chocolate Day on July 7,2017, we have yet another great reason to ‘spoil ourselves’ with some chocolate treats! Isn’t it? Here’s what Swiggy’s survey that went on for six months concluded for India’s commitment towards ever increasing ‘Chocolate consumption’.

  • More than 50% Indian sweet preparations made from heavenly ‘chocolates’
  • 60% of desserts ordered online in India are chocolate based
  • The most sought after time to order ‘chocolates’ online is at night
  • The mean time for ordering ‘chocolates’ online is 11:46 pm in India, precise calculations we say
  • Indian Women more probable to order online these ‘heavenly chocolate based items’ by 25%
  • Demands go sky-rocketing during weekends and occasions in India
  • High demand encountered on Father’s and Mother’s Day by 21%
  • Mumbai, Bengaluru & Hyderabad in same order, ranked for most consumption in India

Chocolate’s Emotional Connect with World Chocolate Day

Indians have an emotional connect with chocolates! Some good memories, some bad! Our constant saviour and partner in crime. How these delectable items have a history that run human species to cater to their emotional needs, we rely on these indulgences to pull us out from mixed emotions that boggle our minds. Here’s how chocolates have been with us when no one else was! World’s Chocolate Day in India is celebrated by all age groups. As Indian children, pretty sure of the fact we all remember that Indian Chocolate ‘Dairy Milk’ chocolate song, ‘Kitna maza aaye rey, dunia Dairy milk ki ban jaye rey’. Read on and get a momentary nostalgia .

Happy ? Have Chocolates! Sad ? Indulge in Chocolates. Depressed ? Chocolates & Chocolates. Occasion? Gift Chocolates. Birthday? Buy Chocolates. Had a heartbreak? definitely Chocolates ! Gain weight ? culprit Chocolates, Lose weight? Dark Chocolates. Ohh so you’re a kid? some milk Chocolates may be? Aged?? Can’t chew? Melted Chocolates!!!

This World’s Chocolate Day, in India, let us wish each other and ourselves by spoiling ourselves with a few chocolates that would bring smile on your faces!


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