YALLA YALLA | (Bee-2 & Taj-E) – New Punjabi Song | Official Video

Yalla Yalla is the title of the new song by Bee2 and Taj-E that has just hit Youtube and is trending in the Punjabi music industry. Bee2’s latest song ‘Yalla Yalla’ denotes the restlessness of the girl is creating buzz on the digital platform. Though the word ‘Yalla’ in the Arabic language is a common expression that denotes Let’s get going’, ‘Come on’, and mostly meaning ‘Hurry up’ yet there is no clear indication for the connotation of the phrase in the manner it is used.

Bling, sand, exotic exuberance in Bee2’s ‘Yalla Yalla’ besides Burj al Arab – the most luxurious hotel in the world. Atlantis- the Palm, luxurious cars are not the only things to watch in the video of Yalla Yalla Punjabi song but what keeps you glued to the song is the distant soothing music that has been beautifully crafted by Taj-E.

Yalla Yalla Song & The word ‘Yalla’

The word ‘Yalla’ is also an abbreviation of the traditional Arabic phrase ‘Ya Allah’ which literally meaning ‘Oh God’. Yet other meanings can be – come on, lets get going, hurry up etc.

There was a song titled Wallah wallah way back in the 90’s and this new song by Taj-E and Bee2 is simply amazing due to its music beats and luxurious video.

Yalla Yalla – Bee 2 & Taj-E

Bee2 and Taj-E new video song ‘Yalla Yalla’ starts with an aerial view of Burj al Arab – the most luxurious hotel in the world and a girl’s entry texting her beloved about some distant road tour or vacation.

Bee2's Yalla Yalla

Song Title: Yalla Yalla

Singer: Bee2

Music By: Taje

Lyrics By: Bee2

Music Label: T-Series

The lyrics of Yalla Yalla start with Bee2 as he sings:

Yalla Yalla kare naare ni, kaahdi kaahli mutiyaare ni, kehni ae tu soche kuchh kuj hor.

In English, it would mean something like – Hurry up, hurry up is what you keep on saying girl, what’s the rush. You say something but you think something else…

Bee2 & Taj-E – Yalla Yalla | Official Video

The song has been shot in the Dubai and showcases some of the most famous monuments in the video. Click the play button above to listen to Yalla Yalla by Taj-E and Bee2.

Taj-E is not a new name in the arena. Composer’s one of the most famous songs, Rann Bottle wargi would definitely transport you to the beautiful composition created by the talented musician. Yalla yalla is yet another song from Taj-E and Bee 2 that has hit the mark for Punjabi music industry.

Published almost a decade back the song is a recreation of ‘Rann Botle Wargi‘ the original song sung by Amar Singh Chamkila who was popular by his stage name Chamkila. A popular Punjabi singer, musician, songwriter and composer Chamkila used to perform and sing with his wife Amarjot and was allegedly killed by a gang at a very young age.

Listen to Yalla Yalla – new Punjabi song of 2017 by Taj-E and Bee-2.


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