Yamaha All Set To Launch Electric Bikes In India & Here’s What is Expected

Yamaha has announced that it is looking at possibilities to launch electric bikes in India. Since the Government has announced that India will sell only electric vehicles by 2030, Indian automotive market is going through a chaos right now and every manufacturer want to be on the forefront in regard of electric vehicles. With every car manufacturer looking to introduce EV cars, Yamaha wants to make sure it maintains the stronghold in the market when it shifts to electric vehicles.

Yamaha Is Already Ahead Of Other Manufacturers

Yamaha is already ahead of the competition in terms of electric bikes in India. At a time when other manufacturers are developing electric vehicles, Yamaha already has a few in its portfolio. The company sells a few electric bikes in global markets and bringing them to India should not be an issue. Although, given that the infrastructure for charging facilities in the country is almost non-existent, Yamaha will also look to invest in power units and batteries.

The batteries are one of the biggest problems faced by manufacturers in developing electric bikes and packaging a high density of cells in a small package is quite a task. Yamaha India also maintained that electric bikes cannot be a good replacement for existing motorcycles in the country and the company will sell the existing line up as well as electric bikes simultaneously.

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Other manufacturers looking to launch electric products

Yamaha India is not the only manufacturer looking to launch electric bikes in India as other home grown bike makers like Bajaj, and TVS have already initiated with their game plans. TVS is looking to launch the electric variant of its gearless scooter Jupiter in India sometime later in 2018 and has also invested in a Bangaluru based startup which focuses on electric bikes. Like Yamaha, Bajaj too has quite some technology at hand thanks to the KTM and Husqwarna brand of motorcycles.

It is believed that Bajaj will launch a different brand to cater to the electric bike market in India. Yamaha’s decision comes at a time when the Government of India plans to stop the sale of petrol and diesel-powered vehicles in the country.


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