You Can Now Apply to be Verified in Instagram

As you already know Instagram to be one of the famous media sharing apps today, there are lots of users on this platform posting in different Instagram captions. Well, Instagram has also lots of users who are holding huge numbers of followers, but they aren’t having the verified tick on their profile. The verified badge is nothing but a tag from Instagram saying that this is a genuine profile and you can follow the individual. Getting a verified on any social media platform including Instagram is a real task; you need to wait for days to get the badge from the Instagram. But the good news now is that Instagram is open with the verification of the Instagram account holder. 

So now you will be able to submit an application by yourself to Instagram and claim a verified badge on your account, so no need to wait for Instagram to send you a claiming mail. This new steps taken by Instagram is really going to affect the platform in a positive way as if you are having a good profile then you can apply on the go and get your profile reviewed by the official of the Instagram.

Instagram new updates:

Not only verifying Instagram, there are also lots of updates that Instagram has come up for those who are having a huge fan following on their profile. Like we have mentioned above that you can now verify your account and get a blue tick by yourself, so to do that you simply go to the settings inside your Instagram profile and then click on the “Request Verification” and you are all done. 

As mentioned in the above paragraph, Instagram also came up with a feature called “About this Account”. So basically these features will the date they have joined the Instagram, Country they are at now, have they change their username before and also you can see if they have run ads on any post or not, this feature is enabled on all those Instagram profiles which are having a vast fan following across the world. To confirm this news we have also found that Instagram has written: “Our community has told us that it’s important to them to have a deeper understanding of accounts that reach many people on Instagram”.   

So the line clearly says that Instagram is doing all this update of rules and regulation to make it more open to the followers that follow the account so that they can know the history of the account before following. 

If you are a big Instagram account holder with huge followers then you will be able to use it on your private account from the month of September. For all the other Instagram users the update will be available in the following months. 


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