You Can Now Fly Directly To Pune From Chandigarh International Airport

Jet Airways has introduced a new flight that will ply between Pune and Chandigarg Airport

Chandigarh Airport has been in constant news for a while now due to the ongoing runway repair work. The airport has been shut down for brief intervals on different occasions and the operation hours have also been curtailed. However, the news that we bring to you today is something that the most of the city residents have been waiting for a while now. Direct flights from the Chandigarh Airport will now be operational to the Pune airport via Jet Airways.

A direct flight from Chandigarh to Ahmedabad was also announced from the Airport a while back. Now the Chandigarh Airport is connected to Mumbai and Pune thus improving the connectivity to Maharashtra.

Jet Airways Chandigarh-Pune Flight Schedule: Chandigarh Airport

The summer schedule of the Chandigarh Airport commenced on March 26 and will continue till October 27. The new flight that the summer schedule brings along is the Pune-Chandigarh-Pune route that is serviced by Jet Airways which happens to be one of the leading carriers of the country. The inaugural flight that connects Pune to Chandigarh Airport was given a water gun salute.

Occupancy on the route also remained to be decent with 137 passengers flying in from Pune and 128 boarding the flight back from the Chandigarh Airport. The flight that connects the two cities is a Boeing 737 aircraft that has a seating capacity of 168 people including 156 in the economy class and 12 primer. The first passenger Jiwan Kumar was given his ticket by the Airport officials itself in honor of the debut flight between Pune and Chandigarh Airport.

Flight Schedule of the Pune Flight From Chandigarh International Airport

The summer schedule of the Chandigarh International airport is out and here to stay until October 27. The Jet Airways run direct flight to Pune will take off from Pune at 11:40AM and reaches the city at 02:10PM after a travel of 2.5 hours. The flight reaches back to Pune at 05:10PM after taking off from the Chandigarh Airport at 02:40PM. Our quick search on Sky Scanner showed that the fares have been fluctuating between 7,600-8,100 Rupees if you are looking to travel in the first week of April.


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