Here’s How a Young Chandigarh Girl is Trying to Save a Friend From Cancer Through Poems

We have often read and seen instances of friendship that is full of love and compassion. But the friendship that you will read here is an example of humanity on earth. A young girl from Chandigarh has become a poet and is writing day and night to earn Rs 200 to Rs 500 bucks for each written piece of hers. And the reason why this Chandigarh-based young girl has turned a poet will shock you even more.

A young girl, Amy Singh of Chandigarh has started writing and selling off her poems in order to raise funds for his friend who is suffering from cancer. Her post on the social media went viral where she has invited people to get some original poems written by her at the cost of Rs 200 – 500 as she wants to make some money for the treatment of her friend who is fighting cancer.

Why did the young girl of Chandigarh starting writing poems 

Anam Narula (21) is a BSc student of DAV College Chandigarh is suffering from Cancer and he is undergoing treatment at the Christian Medical College and Hospital in Ludhiana. Anam’s treatment for cancer including the chemotherapy is very expensive and his parents- father working in a private company and mother, a teacher are helpless to arrange the huge amount of money. The family is doing every bit possible to meet the daily expenses of his treatment. In fact, the grandparents of Anam is even thinking to sell off their house to save their child.

Amy now wants to help Anam’s family financially and is trying hard to raise the funds for his cancer treatment by writing and selling off her poetries. She has created her own page on Facebook to raise funds for the noble cause.

Poems act as love potion

Amy who had lost her mother due to cancer is now doing every bit possible to save her friend from the clasp of the fatal disease. Many other renowned poets have also joined Amy in her campaign to write and sell poetries for the cause. Even the crowdfunding website Milaap is helping Amy in her noble cause. The good Samaritan Amy is receiving a fair response from the people and is now determined to raise funds upto Rs 25 lakh for Anam’s surgery who is in the first stage of Leukemia. By far she has generated Rs 14 lakh and is planning to organise a ‘Run of hope’ campaign to raise rest of the funds.

Anam’s family and he himself are thankful for Amy’s initiative and to those who are making the contribution to offer him a new life. We hope that Amy succeeds in her goals and the battle of her friend Anam, between life and cancer, soon gets over in a positive way.


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