Young Men Caught on CCTV Stealing Milk Packets From a Booth in Sector 22, Chandigarh

Out of thousands of CCTV footage you might have seen, this can be the most rib-tickling one. A theft was caught on a CCTV camera where 4 young men were seen stealing milk packets from a Verka booth in Sector 22. Normal thefts are for big things like cash, jewelry or other valuable things, but this robbery of milk packets is one of its kind in Chandigarh.

Having said that, we believe now we do need security at various Milk booths across Chandigarh. The incident was captured in a CCTV camera installed right outside the booth. The tape showed how the two thiefs arrived on a two-wheeler and stole milk packets.

Milk Packets Stolen

Milk packets come in crates. This became an additional advantage for the criminals as they simply took the packets lying in crate outside the booth at around 4.32 AM. They were driving Activa and were without helmets. After few moments, two more individuals came on a scooter and stole more milk packets.

Though we do sympathize with the booth owner, we do feel more bad for people who could not get the milk delivered in the morning of the day. Also, who knows if the milk was put to a good use by the robbers, yet they stole it which does not spare any sympathy for them, at least not by our readers.

As for now, the stealing case was informed to the police by the owner of the booth, Mr. Jasdev. In a similar incident that happened few days ago, youths took away desi ghee packets and other eatables from a Verka booth in Sector 19, Chandigarh. The CCTV footage from this Sector 22 booth was clear enough to reveal the faces of robbers. Moreover, the vehicle number of one of the two two-wheeler is also clearly visible in the CCTV grab.

Foreseeing the level at which crimes can reach, we can only expect the convicts to be punished so that, no more such incidents happen. Maybe, they did this for fun but theft is theft and should be dealt with strictly. Police said that investigation has been initiated to catch the criminals.


Abhishek Tuteja

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