Youth Met With an Accident in Zirakpur & Bled to Death As No-one Stopped to Help

Hit by an unidentified vehicle, a youth bled to death near Hotel Sapphire in Zirakpur on the Chandigarh-Delhi highway. Ill-fated as it may seem, but neither the Police nor the ambulance was able to take the victim to a hospital due to which he succumbed to death on the road.

Lethargic and inhumane attitude

The victim sustained serious head injury after being hit by an unidentified speeding vehicle. The deceased has been identified as Azad Singh, a resident of Sector 38, Chandigarh, who was on the way to Zirakpur for some work. Singh may have survived the fatal accident had he been taken to a hospital but the police took 40 minutes to reach the spot and 108 ambulance staff refused to take the victim to hospital. It was learnt that the victim died due to serious head injury.

Hospital was within 800 meters

The accident occurred around 11.30 pm approximately 800 meters away from JP Hospital in Zirakpur on the Delhi-Chandigarh highway. A precious life could have been saved had he been taken away for first aid at the hospital. He succumbed to death as the Police, passersby, and even the ambulance left the victim to his fate. Stating that the victim has died the 108 ambulance staff maintained that they would wait for the police first and refused to take the victim to hospital or give any first aid. It is astonishing that the ambulance staff declared the victim dead without inspecting.

Blame Game

The operator on toll free number 108 stated that they are allowed to take a victim to hospital if he/she gets injured in a road mishap; but if a person dies on-the-spot they cannot pick up the body from the accident place. The operator also said that in the case of on-the-spot death they just inform the police and leave. Insensitivity reigned supreme as the Police too refused to take the victim to hospital. The police officials maintained that the ambulance would take charge of the case.

It was the apathy of the ambulance staff and the Police as well that Singh was not able to survive. Experts say that in a fatal accident first 10-minutes are crucial. If a victim is able to make it to the hospital within 10-15 minutes the chances of survival increases. Ironically in most of the cases the victim dies on the road and is declared brought dead!

Source: Rajiv Bhatia, The Tribune

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