Youtube Sensation Dr. Lalit Shokeen Talks About His Journey From Science to Comedy

If you are on Youtube, there is no way you have not seen his videos which are trending regularly on Youtube India. With 3 million subscribers and love beyond the numbers he has gained a lot in the three year journey. Meet Dr. Lalit Shokeen, a scientist from New York who found his love in filmmaking.

From Scientist to a YouTuber what made you choose this path?

I was always good in studies and being from a middle class family I did what is expected from me, to study hard and get a good job. I was fortunate to get full scholarship to do my PhD in Physics, so I moved to USA finished my studies and got a high paying job and then I reflect on what I can do the best. I always loved telling stories and being a Haryanvi there is comedy in everything I do. So, one day I decided to get a DSLR camera and made a short video with my mom about that. It went viral and that gave me direction and started the journey of youtube videos.

With so many content creators now, what makes LShokeen Films different?

When I started making videos there were not many channels, The thing that clicked among the audience was the relatibilty of characters, I had my mother, wife and daughter all acting in the videos and people could see their own Family in those characters. It is always easier to use abusive language and get humor out of it. But our videos have always been clean on content and that has been the strength throughout.

Being in USA how you stayed true to your roots?

Being in another country does not mean that you don’t love your country. Being an Indian is what I am proud of and I have always promoted my country and culture through my videos. I think that was the reason that I was given Haryana Gaurav Sammaan award by the Haryana governmnent. I love my language and I think there is lot of humor and fun there and that is what I show in my videos.

Where do you get inspiration for your videos?

Most of my videos are inspired from my real life, The characters that I play, tau, tai, Maa are similar from my own family and relatives. I believe that is the reason that people love them and I get a lot of messages from fans that my mom is like that, this is what happened with me too etc. Even if the plots get fictional the characters are the ones that you can relate to someone in your own family and friends and that will get you hooked to the video.

What are your future plans?

I am working on a music video that will be released soon this year. I am also working on script of a feature film that will be based on Haryana, the project is still in writing phase. What message to the new Youtubers who want to be like you? Be consistent, keep working hard, don’t chose shortcuts to get overnight fame. Be honest to your content and audience, you will se the results very soon.



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