“Zenit” Defeated the “Ural Yekaterinburg”, and You Could Win by Using 1xBet Login

As a whole, The Russian Premier League is not remarkable for its performance, even when the favorite plays against the average team. The meeting between “Zenit” and “Ural” also did not foreshadow any changes. Especially after “The Blue-White-Sky Blues” played twice in a row with a score 0:0. But this match became special. The hosts won with the score 7:1, and who came in time to register for 1xBet login, could not only get an emotional splash from what they saw, but also win good money. Of course, there were almost no doubts about the St. Petersburg’ victory, and the ratio corresponded to this. But a bet on a minus handicap could bring serious profit. 

It all started already in the 9th minute of the match. Azmoun opened the score for the goals, and the Iranian scored for the first time in the last three games in which he took part. Looking ahead, we note that it was not his last goal in this confrontation. Three minutes later, the second goalscorer of Semak’s team Dzyuba scored. And few minutes later, the same Azmoun takes the double. In total, the hosts scored four times in the first half between 9 and 27 minutes. Another ball is on Malcom’s account. Using 1xBet login, in the first half you could already win at F1 with a minus or bet more on total.

“Zenit” continued in the second half: 1xBet apk download for easy betting.

It took the hosts just over 15 minutes to score in the second half of the match. Azmoun implemented a hat trick. It was already the 10th anniversary goal of the forward in the season. Meanwhile, the score in the match was already 5-0, and the favorite relaxed a little. This meant that the guests had the opportunity to make some adjustments. In the 65th minute, Panyukov used the assigned penalty and opened the score. But it rather pissed off the opponent, and he scored twice more within three minutes.  Driussi and Dzyuba scored goals. In order for the bettor can quickly make a bet and not to miss goals, you should 1xBet apk download. Thanks to such simple manipulation, the player gets quick access to the bet in his phone or tablet.

As a result, the viewer saw not just a Zenit’s victory, but a real defeat. All this was accompanied by the following advantages, in addition to the final score:

  • the difference in overall kicks is 21-8;
  • the difference in kicks on target is 16-6;
  • possession of the ball – 52-48%;
  • tackles 19-12;
  • corners 8-5.

In order not to miss out on similar betting opportunities in the future, use 1xBet apk download. In addition to speed and user-friendly software, a new user will also receive a 144 dollars bonus on his bets. In this situation the game will be even more enjoyable.


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