“Zimidar”- Latest Punjabi Song By Dhira Gill | Check Out The Official Video

“Zimidar” an all new amazing Punjabi number launched recently by the famous Punjabi singer Dhira Gill who has sung many famous songs previously like Pakke DheethKasoor, Sabheyachar, Kariye Na Vada and many more.

Singer Dhira Gill has garnered big fan following in Punjab due to his rustic and strong voice that connects him with his true Punjabi fans. He has launched several albums under the record label SS Records in recent years: Whatsapp To Busy, Proud of the Punjab History, Just Dhira Gill, Folk N Duet, Ashke Mitra De, Jashan, Indian And some his famous songs include Pakke Dheeth, Gareebi, Aaja Nachlo, Kariye Na Vada etc.

The Zimidar Song By Dhira Gill

The song Zimidar describes the pain of the Punjabi landlords or zamindars or agriculturists. The video shows the everyday condition of a zimidar and what pain he goes through.

The song touches a very serious social issue of Punjab. Zimidar by Dhira Gill explains how the farmers of Punjab are suffering due to inadequate finances and loans and how are they resorting to suicides.

Details of Punjabi Song- Zimidar

Singer: Dhira Gill

Music: Harry Sharan

Lyrics: Habhajan Harry Dhaliwal

Director: Jind

Label: T-series

The song has been sung and shot really beautifully in the lush fields of Punjab. With heart-wrenching lyrics and deep voice the song Zimidar by the famous Punjabi singer Dhira Gill is a must watch and hear.

Check out The Official Video Of Zimidar

The song Zimidar has been written by Harbhajan Harry Daliwal, its music is given by Harry Sharan and is directed by Jind.

The song has been launched under the label of T-Series and without any doubt like his others songs this song of Dhira Gill will be a huge hit.

People on Youtube are already talking great things about the Punjabi song and are really appreciating the singer Dhira Gill on how aptly he has described the crucial situation of the Punjab farmers.

So guys listen to this latest Punjabi song Zimidar by Dhira Gill and many more others on Youtube and make your day.

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