Zirakpur Bus Stand is in Utter State of Chaos, Authorities Blame Faulty Planning

Zirakpur Bus Stand which was inaugurated three years ago with an aim to cater to daily commuters of bus plying on short routes lies vacant from inside and is in utter state of chaos from outside. Blame it on the faulty design, improper planning or lack of consultation from associated authorities, what renders ‘Zirakpur Bus Stand’ as the title of being useless is mixed factors that arises from ‘act of ignorance’ as portrayed by the concerned authorities. To add fuel to the fire, not only the improper planning leads to desolated ‘Bus Stand’ but leads to traffic chaos caused on the connecting roads outside.

Zirakpur Bus Stand & Chaos

Many factors when combined together gives rise to what we see as the daily scenario at the Zirakpur Bus stand. Lying vacant with no daily commuters boarding bus from inside the Zirakpur Bus stand, even the buses have stopped picking up passengers from the place. With long route buses avoiding the entry into the Zirakpur Bus stand to avoid hassles pick up the passengers en-route from the main road itself leading to further traffic woes. What makes the scenario worse is, there is not even a single shop operating from inside the Zirakpur Bus stand even after the government and authorities floated tenders with no takers of the premises from it.

Highlights of the Zirakpur Bus stand

Here’s what the Zirakpur Bus stand has to offer you when you visit the place.

  • Improper entry and exit plan for buses from the Zirakpur Bus stand
  • Three entry and three exit points add to the misery of the traffic on roads
  • Highway connecting Chandigarh-Ambala gets jammed due to entry-exit point at the Zirakpur Bus stand
  • Same holds true for other points connecting Chandigarh-Panchkula and Zirakpur-Panchkula roads
  • No shops at the Zirakpur Bus stand makes it even more dull to enter for public
  • Time Table of PRTC bus plying on various routes not exhibited at the Zirakpur Bus stand
  • Non-functional two community halls lie desolated on the first floor of the Zirakpur Bus stand
  • A small traffic control police which is also the only one, operates from the Zirakpur Bus stand

Well, the construction of two storey building of the Zirakpur Bus stand costing our authorities around INR 5.5 cr approximately is getting wasted like anything demanding immediate attention from authorities to either re-route the area or incorporate some planning techniques with minds of intellect taking care of the deep rooted traffic issue that engulfs the entire area.

Let us see till when authorities bring about some necessary changes in the Zirakpur Bus stand that is heading towards its doom!

Source: The Tribune

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