Zirakpur Will Now Have Sectors Like Chandigarh & It Will Change the City Forever

Zirakpur near Chandigarh is all set to follow the footsteps of the city beautiful which proudly boasts of being categorised into various defined sectors. The logically planned urban city Chandigarh has been a guiding factor in many cities around the world. How could Zirakpur, which lies in a radius of around 12 km from Chandigarh not follow the logic behind how its contemporary city Chandigarh has been developed? Zirakpur MC has finally issued notices to the various concerned authorities regarding the same and aims to categorise the residential complexes within the Zirakpur city to have a “Sector-wise” division in two months’ time from now.

Why was the decision taken?

Zirakpur Municipal Corporation has thoughtfully issued the notices to follow the Chandigarh pattern in the city for the ease of development and movement within the region. Not only Zirakpur but surrounding areas of the region also are getting the advantage of the decision which took more than three years to get into the final stage. A meeting was held recently under the able guidance of honourable MC President a few days ago, wherein the impending decision got finalised. The reason cited for late implementation is traced back to the cumbersome computations that had to be performed to allocate proportionate areas based on population residing in the region.

What changes would be seen in Zirakpur?

The following changes have been proposed by the MC which would be incorporated soon as the deadline fixed for the task completion is only two months. Here’s what the authorities aim to achieve.

  • “Sector-wise” division of areas of Zirakpur and surrounding regions
  • Based on area covered and population residing, sector to be further divided into “Blocks”
  • Simplification of addresses of residents which is a hard task till date in Zirakpur
  • Sector created is based on these criteria, Market, commercial sector, school, population, coaching centres, private clinics etc.
  • Installation of display boards and maps for the ease of travelling
  • Signboards on streets and public place to be erected alongside
  • Widening of roads in Zirakpur to smoothen the traffic flow
  • Congestion of Zirakpur in terms of traffic chaos to reduce manifold
  • 3-times road widening i.e. from 20ft to 60ft breadth increase planned
  • Uploading the map on google maps as well for the ease of commutation

Well Begun, Half Done

Sticking by the notion mentioned above, the fast track development of Zirakpur as a part of the linear expansion of Chandigarh city in the outskirts regions had lead to severe chaos in the city earlier. Now, measures were required to mitigate the problems and discussions led to no conclusions. Staying strong and firm with the decision now, Zirakpur MC has finally proposed a plan that has won hearts of many residents of the city.

Since the development is taking place on the similar lines of Chandigarh’s development, Zirakpur residents won’t feel that they live on the outskirts of the city beautiful Chandigarh any longer. Kudos !! to the decision that is creating a Chandigarh out of Chandigarh. We won’t mind all such Chandigarh’s around because we love the city and definitely proud of it !!!

Source: TOI

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