Zomato Website Has Been Hacked | Data of 17 Million+ Users Stolen

Much to the shock of food lovers, Zomato has been hacked! The most trusted website and web application that every foodie relied upon for sumptuous meals has been hacked and more than 17 million users’ data is at stake at the website.

Putting under the scrutiny of world’s biggest security system, the breach of security has resulted in affecting Zomato’s reputation worldwide and also the trust of the users who were frequent at the site.

Zomato’s Hacking: A Big Reason to Worry

Exposing personal details like address, phone numbers and locations of at least 17 million users of the Zomato application and website, Zomato’s hacking has shaken many off from their complacency which would take the time to restore. We look forward to as to what is the big worry in the hacking of Zomato that happened on such a massive scale. This is not the first time Zomato’s security systems were intrigued. Back in the year 2015, a similar incident had happened and they came out with flying colours as a winner. But, taking this time’s theft pretty seriously, the information of the security breach was broken out by Zomato itself on the internet making that post go viral in a jiffy.

How the ‘Zomato Hacked’ news broke?

Breaking the shocking news themselves via a blog post, Zomato has revealed that the data theft has occurred and more than 17 million users have been affected as a result of the security breach. Confirming the news themselves, Zomato has made revelations about as to stealing of information from its platform happened but simultaneously added that the information regarding “passwords” and “payment gateways” are still safe in the hands of Zomato.

Here’s What the “Zomato” Hacker has to say ?

Zomato even went on to declare openly that a hacker named “nclay” executed the entire hacking drive who is even “selling the stolen data online”Not happy with this, the “Hacker” even has asked for a whopping amount of $1,001.43 or 0.5587 bitcoins to sell off the entire ‘package’ online. The “hacker” even went on to publish the stolen data in bits so that he/she could prove that “the hacking was genuine.” Such a co-existent irony and paradox at the same time.

Zomato Reveals the Truth

Here’s what all Zomato disclosed at their end to the public.

  • Admission of the fact that data pertaining to 17 million+ users has been stolen
  • Data related to passwords and payments are in safe custody in a vault by Zomato
  • Zomato reveals that the hacked passwords have been hashed in the scenario
  • Revelations made state no credit card and payment data has been stolen
  • PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) compliant vault taking care of payment data.
  • Hacked data is available for sale online by the hacker
  • Zomato to actively work harder in the direction of security systems for itself to prevent future mishaps like these
  • Zomato blamed ‘human breach’ that led to hacking of its site
  • Hacking of Zomato executed either by an internal employee or by stealing the data of one of the employees.
  • Highly specialised teams working towards closing the open gaps of Zomato to prevent future hacking
  • New authorization layer to be added even for internal Zomato employees for future use

On one hand, we claim to enter the digital world with an ease. Who knows what happens when you actually fill in your personal details like address, name, photograph and phone numbers on a website to create an account. So much of data is exposed and aired and reach the hands of millions of strangers whom we do not know.

What to talk of the “Virtual World of 2017” we are living in which we proudly believe in without any collateral when the real one is already so suffocating to exist in and survive !!!

Source: ET


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