Apnya Di Thaa by Ranjit Bawa (Khido Khundi) New Punjabi Movie Song | Official Video

Punjabi singer Ranjit Bawa releases the first song Apnya di thaa from upcoming movie Khido Khundi on youtube & mp3. Emotional yet motivational, Ranjit Bawa’s Khido Khundi song Apnya di thaa has been a masala number drapped in mesmerizing music. Latest Punjabi track Apnya di thaa by Ranjit Bawa has been carried out well in terms of music & lyrics. Even Khido  Khundi’s new song has been available for download from various websites.

After giving goosebumps to the audience with the official trailer of Khido Khundi movie, Ranjit Bawa came up with emotional surprise with the song Apnya di thaa. Scroll till the end & watch out the official video of the first song Apnya di thaa from Ranjit Bawa’s Punjabi movie Khido Khundi.

New Punjabi movie (Khido Khundi) Song: Apnya Di Thaa by Ranjit Bawa

Official video of Apnya di thaa song from upcoming Punjabi movie Khido Khundi features Ranjit Bawa & Manav Vij. And the story shows the difficulties a family faces if even one man is hurt. Also, it depicts whatever the situation may be your family always be there for you & no one else can be on the place of your family. Even it has shown the great enthusiasm of a player & his family. Watch out the new Punjabi song Apnya di thaa by Ranjit Bawa below.

Singer: Ranjit Bawa

Music: Jaidev Kumar

Lyrics: Fateh Shergill

Director: Rohit Jugraj

Release date: 20 April 2018

Fateh Shergill has penned the lyrics of Khido Khundi’s new song Apnya di thaa starring Ranjit Bawa & its like- Ambran to chan vakh kade ni ho sakda kukh da rishta kaach kade nai ho sakda (2), kikran de phool borran vargi oe chaa nai de sakde, kade begaane apnya di thaa nai le sakde (2). And the mesmerizing music has been composed by Jaidev Kumar under the label of Saga Hits.

Official Video of Khido Khundi (Ranjit Bawa) song Apnya Di Thaa

Here comes the first song from Ranjit Bawa’s upcoming Punjabi movie Khido Khundi that has been titled as Apnya di thaa. And the new Punjabi song official video of Apnya di thaa by Ranjit Bawa has been available below, click on the play button & enjoy the same.

After the strong official trailer, Khido Khundi’s first song Apnya di thaa will also win your hearts with its beats & lyrics. And the latest Punjabi movie Khido Kundi starring Ranjit Bawa, Mandy Takhar, Manav Vij, Elnaaz Narouzi will be released on 20th April 2018.


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