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Ever Thought About Getting a Tattoo? Yeti Ink in Sector 15 Chandigarh Can Be Your Best Bet


Somebody has very well said: “When life changes to be harder, change yourself to be stronger. What hurts you today, makes you stronger for tomorrow.” Tattoos are the specimens of the craftsmanship that narrates a story of the mind, body, and soul, which it is adorning to. With the ever increasing craze for tattoos and other body modifications, Chandigarh also ...

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6 Great Photo Shoot Locations In Chandigarh


We all know Chandigarh is popularly known has “The City Beautiful”. Chandigarh is one of the cleanest cities in India and hence it makes for some cool photo shoot locations that no other city can offer. The monuments, parks and even the roads of Chandigarh are photoshoot locations. However, there are some places that are more camera-friendly than others and ...

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7 Places to Have Navratri Food in Panchkula


Today, on the first day of Navratri 2017, most of the restaurants in Panchkula are busy doing extra and special preparations for their customers who are observing fasts or love to eat Navratri thalis. Navratri foods are basically falahaar (food made with no grains and pulses) and will now be served throughout 9 days till the festival lasts. Navratri Thali ...

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5 Places to Buy Cultural Punjabi Stuff in Chandigarh


Everyone in Chandigarh is very fond of wearing fashionable clothes. Needless to say, the gabrus and patolas of the city beautiful are comfortable wearing both contemporary and traditional styles as and when required. Maybe that is why their wardrobe is decked up with Punjabi suits (for girls)/ Kurta Pyjama (for boys), a pair of perfect Punjabi Jutti, and some cool ...

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5 Posh Areas of Mohali That Are Admired by Everyone


Mohali, one of the city in the tricity area of Chandigarh takes pride in following the footsteps of City beautiful and actually has posh areas to boast about. The areas in Mohali are divided into phases and sectors. This causes a bit of confusion for some while prooves to be easy for others. Just like Chandigarh, Mohali too has a luxury ...

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7 Exotic Salad Bars in Chandigarh that Break the Odds


Wanna eat out with your friends and family outside and not put an ounce on? Seems like a distant dream isn’t it? Choose a Salad Bar in Chandigarh !! No sooner than the “cafe culture” arrived in Chandigarh, Salad Bars have eaten a great deal of market share in the city from its contemporaries. The trendsetter salad bars located near Chandigarh ...

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5 Summer Clothing Trends For Chandigarh Guys


It’s time to pack your hoodies and leather jackets. It’s that time of the year when you need some cool and comfortable summer clothes to beat the heat. Summers is the best season when you can show off your hard work done at the gym. Your biceps and calf muscles will definitely be noticed if you choose an outfit listed ...

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