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6 Great Places to Have Hot Chocolate in Chandigarh


There are times when a hot chocolate is all we want during winter days in Chandigarh. If you can imagine yourself sipping hot chocolate at a great cafe or restaurant in Chandigarh, then the below mentioned list is for you to turn your imagination into reality. Places for Hot Chocolate in Chandigarh These places mentioned below offer an amazing hot ...

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7 Cafes with Outdoor Seating in Chandigarh

Peel off those winter layers, get some fresh air and enjoy the sun. The temperature in Chandigarh has suddenly taken a dip. With the sun starting to play pee-ka-boo with us, below mentioned cafes/restaurants in Chandigarh offer outdoor seating. Outdoor Seating Cafe in Chandigarh These cafés in Chandigarh offer an amazing outdoor seating so that you can enjoy a delicious meal ...

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10 Places to Have The Most Yummy Desserts in Chandigarh


Chocolates, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and lots of chocolate is what everyone in Chandigarh loves. A meal is never complete without something sweet to finish it down. For all the Chandigarhians, we have listed the best cafes and bakeries that serve the most delicious desserts in Chandigarh. Brooklyn Central This edgy café in Elante Mall, Chandigarh, Brooklyn Central is a chic ...

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Oorja Danceworks is Here to Revolutionize Dance Culture in Chandigarh

Oorja, as the name suggests, means energy. Oorja Danceworks aims at not only teaching dance steps but endeavours to impart technique, works on the correct postures and ensures a great flow of energy and creativity in all dance movements. Oorja aims at uniting Chandigarh’s love for dance and changing it into one celebration thereby showcasing a range of skills across ...

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7 Amazing Things That Make Chandigarh Girls Relate To “DANGAL”

1) Chandigarh being the capital of Haryana “Haryanvi Chhorian” taking over our “Punjabi Kudian”  post release of Dangal is no surprise to us. As paradoxical as it can get, the last instance of dual behaviour of substances proven by Einstein’s Relativity theory can further be corroborated by the  fact that these girls would take a bullet for a friend if required ...

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5 Places in Chandigarh Where You Can Eat in Just Rs. 50


No Reason to Starve if you don’t Have Money We have all had days when we have no money in our pocket but still the mind desires a great meal just to satiate the hunger pangs. A paradise of foodies, Chandigarh hosts the best of cafes & restaurants in India. These cheap canteens in Chandigarh are a proof that you don’t ...

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Best Restaurants for Sushi (Japanese Dish) in Chandigarh


Sushi is a Japanese dish and almost all Japanese restaurants in Chandigarh have sushi in the menu. It comprises of rolls of vinegar-flavoured cold rice served with a garnish of vegetables, egg, or raw seafood. Little pockets of punch packed with strong flavours make it quite popular amongst the crowd of Chandigarh. To have authentic sushi in Chandigarh, visit the ...

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11 Awesome Places to Have a Burger in Chandigarh


Burgers are one of the best snacks to munch upon when you carve something good and heavy. In Chandigarh, we have tons of options for burgers. Numerous restaurants and cafes have burgers in their menu. To make it a bit easy for you to find a place to have a good burger, we have listed some cafes and restaurants which ...

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5 Places For Yummy Frozen Yogurt in Chandigarh


A healthy alternative to ice creams, frozen yogurt makes an ideal snack or dessert if you are looking for something sweet but with less calories. Packed with probiotics and healthy bacterias, Frozen Yogurt gives the required calcium that is needed for our bones. People of Chandigarh love to try new things and with Frozen Yogurts entering the market with a ...

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