How the start of the IPL went

The new season of the Indian Premier Cricket League kicked off in March. An event that attracts the attention of millions of fans from around the world. You can follow the results of all matches of the Indian Premier League on the website of a reliable bookmaker Pin Up bet, there are always favorable odds and an open betting line for the entire season of the Indian cricket championship. At the start of the season was not without sensational results. In this article, let’s understand how the teams started and what chances each team has to win the season.

It is worth noting that the former favorites did not all start the season successfully. And already in the course of the new campaign, lists of teams that have the best chances to win the tournament are formed.

A strong start from Rajasthan

The current season, like the previous ones, is pleasantly surprising. The current cricket affairs are such that Rajastan is leading the game. Last season Rajastan was close to qualify for the playoffs of the tournament. After losing a series of matches in the finale, Rajastan moved away from their goal. The team finished fifth with the same number of points as Mumbai Indians. However, Rajastan failed to make it to the playoffs for extra points.

Nevertheless, the new season is a great opportunity to catch up. Kumar’s Sangakkara team won their first four matches and did so quite confidently. Lucknow Super Giants were beaten in the first game and Delhi Capitals were beaten in the next game.

In the third round, unexpectedly Rajasthan was stronger than Mumbai Indians, even though it was Mumbai Indians who were considered the favorites of the game before it started. And in the fourth game, Rajasthan defeated Royal Challengers Bangalore. Thus Rajasthan is the sole leader of the standings after the start of the new IPL season.

The failure of Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bengaluru

On the contrary, Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bengaluru were the disappointments of the start of the new season. Mumbai Indians were considered one of the top winning candidates of the tournament before the start of the season. Their entry into the playoffs was also beyond doubt. But Mark Boucher’s team won only one match out of four, beating Delhi Capitals. There were defeats to Gujarat Titans, Sunrisers Hyderabad and Rajasthan at the start.

According to the latest Tamil cricket news, as far as Royal Challengers Bengaluru is concerned, this team has also started from defeat. In the first game, Andy Flower’s charges lost to Chennai Super Kings. However, in the very next game, Bengaluru beat Punjab Kings in a very tight contest. But the next three games saw three defeats – to Kolkata Knight Riders, Lucknow Super Giants and Rajasthan.

Despite the poor results at the start of the season, the teams are still in the fight for the playoffs and still have a pretty good chance.

Who can win the IPL season?

The favorites of the season before it started were primarily considered to be – reigning Indian champions Chennai Super Kings, finalist Gujarat Titans, as well as Lucknow Super Giants and Mumbai Indians.

While Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Titans are disappointing at the start, teams like Lucknow Super Giants and Chennai Super Kings are holding their level. However, there are still enough matches ahead for all the teams to catch up.

Based on the latest results and cricket news Tamil, the current list of favorites is as follows:

  • Rajastan
  • Kolkata Kmight Riders
  • Lucknow Super Giants
  • Chennai Super Kings

From season to season, the championship constantly has cool new teams. No wonder the price of cricket broadcast rights in India is reaching cosmic levels.

Of this list, perhaps the more experienced team is the Chennai Super Kings. They are the reigning champions and have had a pretty good start.


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