Are You a Fan of Thrillers and Want to Binge-Watch Series?

The onset or COVID-19 has introduced us to numerous terrors, we are afraid to go out breathe in the fresh air. It seems that the new normal is rather suffocating, is changing the meaning of being free. But we don’t have any other options, until a vaccine or permanent cure is being released. The adventurers are locked inside their houses trying to find a small window for escape.

However, a different sector of people has started binge-watching series to keep them occupied at homes. I must admit there are millions of series that need to be watched. You might ask why? The reason is simple they teach us different ways of life and introduce us to different people and their mentalities. If you are suffering from boredom, or you don’t want to leave behind your binge-watching habit. Here’s a list that will keep you involved-

A list of series to spoil you rotten

  1. Westworld– All the three seasons of this series have achieved a good critical acclamation on Rotten Potatoes. This series will take you on a ride into a utopian amusement park based on the west-wild concept. Get ready to be amazed when you see androids made for entertaining the humans, will take over the entire world and be called Rehoboam.
  2. Better Call Saul– If you have already watched Breaking Bad, you must know who Saul is. But the question is whether you knew, that he had his TV series. According to the ratings- 8.7/10(IMDB), it has grabbed a lot of attention. Well, you know Saul does best! He helps criminals get away with heinous crimes.
  3. American Crime Story– So many American crime stories have been untold. Start watching this series to know more about them. In the first season, you will encounter the controversial trail or O J Simpson. The second season takes you through Gianni Versace’s assassination.
  4. When Then See Us– The first season has a rating of 9/10 on IMDB. This series will keep your curiosity alive when you see five teenage boys being falsely accused of committing a crime.
  5. Mindhunter– Have you ever thought why people commit crimes? Well, if you are interested this is your time to find out. Watching Mindhunters will show you the dark minds of scary criminals and how this information is being used to solve old and new cases.
  6. Wentworth– If you have watched Orange is the New Black, then you must watch this series. Wentworth is about Bea who has killed her husband and landed in jail. Now she has to wait for her trail while she learns about her new life in prison.


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