Banda Ban Ke – By Sukhy Maan and Preet Hundal (Punjabi Song) | Official Video

When the latest Punjabi song of 2017 Banda Ban Ke by Sukhy Maan and Preet Hundal was slated to release on the 21st of November and then somehow delayed for the 24th we were all like –“First of all we’re anxious” but we are happy to report our patience has lead to great results. The song Banda Ban Ke is the most unapologetic song ever made in the history of Punjabi music industry and Preet Hundal and Sukhy Maan know it.

Sukhy Maan and Preet Hundal’s come all guns out

The latest 2017 Punjabi song Banda Ban Ke rides equally on the shoulders of Preet Hundal and Sukhy Maan to a point that we don’t know what is better Hundal’s music or Sukhy Maan’s vocals. The lyrics are written by Singh Jeet and his game is certainly on point. If you ever needed a song to go along your unapologetic love then look no further because Banda Ban Ke is exactly what you seek. “Jithe tu khadawenga ve mai ni hildi par tu v rahin yara banda ban ke” which also serves as the hook is our favourite part of the lyrcs. Sukhy Maan has a charm in his voice and that does the job in the latest song of 2017.

The music department is helmed by the man Preet Hundal himself and we just cannot imagine someone else doing this great a job. The latest Punjabi song of 2017 Banda Ban Ke is served with an intense folk backdrop and never tries to be urban like many songs today do. The Preet Hundal and Sukhy Maan song can be downloaded at most major streaming services like Apple Music, Google Play Music and Saavn.

The video of Banda Ban Ke features model Bhavna Choudhary

The video of the latest Punjabi song of 2017 Banda Ban Ke by Preet Hundal and Sukhy Maan is directed by Sukhy Maan himself and we certainly know why. When you get so connected to the song it is hard to act in someone else’s vision of the video which tells an entirely different story. Preet Hundal never shows up in the video of Banda Ban Ke and the focus remains on Sukhy Maan and Bhavna Choudhary who lites up each frame she is in. Watch the official video below:

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