Cricket Betting Apps in India

Cricket is a long game and takes many hours, and even days in some formats, to complete. People who bet on cricket are either watching the game on TV or in the stadium live. It is impossible to carry your PC everywhere, and you can miss some golden chances to make bets because of this issue. Luckily, there are various cricket betting apps in India now that let you bet anytime.

Indians are addicted to cricket and love watching and betting on the sport. Many online cricket betting apps are now there that offer the best odds for many markets. You can bet on many international and domestic matches through your smartphone.

In this article, we will take a look at the various pros and cons of using the best cricket betting app. Make sure you get the best facilities and features when you register to bet online.

Pros of Cricket Betting Apps

Here are the advantages of betting apps.

  • Easy Interface And Work Very Fast

Most betting apps are easy to use and navigate through. They use modern software and engines that run very fast on the latest devices. You can perform all features of the main website but faster than it. Do not miss the chance to place bets anytime and hit the iron while it is hot.

  • Fingerprint And Face-Recognition Login

It takes a certain time to enter your username and password to log in. New devices have great security features like fingerprint and face recognition login. You may skip a bet if you take long to sign in and the opportunity goes away. Also, you will be assured that no one else other than you will be able to log in to your account.

  • Regular Push Notifications

You may forget about your placed bets and forget to keep an eye on the game’s score. Betting apps will send you regular notifications so that you stay connected to cricket betting. Make sure you do not miss anything and bet whenever it is the right time.

Cons of Cricket Betting Apps

Some cons.

  • Not Available in the Play Store or App Store


There are many cricket betting apps for Android in India, but gambling is illegal in the country, and you will not find any app on the Google Play Store or App Store. Online cricket betting apps download you by this link.

  • Apps Freeze Sometimes

Even though most of the apps are high-end and run smoothly, there will be certain times when they freeze and close unexpectedly. You may lose a bet or miss a chance to place bets when this happens and can be frustrating.

  • Old Phones Do Not Support The Latest Apps

Even though the system requirements are not very high for top cricket and sports betting apps, you cannot run these apps on very old devices. Your phone should have a certain Android or iOS version and some free space to install and run these applications properly.


Whether you are new to cricket betting or used to it, betting on mobile apps is the new trend. There are various pros and cons associated with cricket betting apps. There are a lot of advantages of using betting apps, but there are various bad things about these apps too.

We recommend everyone to choose a cricket betting app that is trustworthy and offers great features and betting facilities to customers. If you want to bet on cricket or any other sport, you can now do it directly from your smartphone.


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