Effortless Inventory Management: Discover The Advantages of ASRS Systems

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems a system that maximizes storage space utilization by automating the inventory storage and retrieval process. These systems offer fast and streamlined access to the required items. They are available in different configurations, such as self-contained and goods-to-person systems. The primary objective of ASRS is to optimize storage density while ensuring secure and organized storage of non-palletized inventory. ASRS Systems can handle different volumes, types, and velocities of inventory. They can efficiently manage inventory flows to meet specific operational requirements. When implementing ASRS, evaluating your business’s storage density requirements is crucial.

What are the different technologies used in ASRS Systems?


  • Vertical Carousel Modules (VCMs) 

These are specialized systems that use carriers to travel in a vertical loop around a track to deliver stored items to a work counter. These systems are designed to optimize space utilization and improve workflow efficiency, making them particularly useful in environments with limited floor space. VCMs offer the advantage of reducing operator fatigue and enhancing productivity by eliminating manual searching and reaching for items. These systems are commonly used in various industries, including warehousing, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities, to efficiently manage small to medium-sized items that require frequent access.

  • Horizontal Carousel Modules (HCMs) 

These are storage systems with densely packed bins mounted on a horizontally rotating oval track. They streamline order fulfillment by delivering product storage locations to operators. HCMs optimize space utilization, maximize storage capacity, and facilitate efficient inventory organization. The rotating track enables fast access to storage locations, reducing picking time and improving order fulfillment speed. This feature is advantageous in high-volume environments. HCMs also enhance ergonomics and worker safety by minimizing bending, stretching, and heavy lifting. The rotating track brings storage locations to the operator, reducing the risk of strain or injury. HCMs offer an efficient, space-saving, and ergonomic solution for order fulfillment processes.

  • Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs)

These are ASRS systems that provide efficient and well-organized storage solutions. They consist of two vertical columns of shelves or trays with an inserter/extractor mechanism in the center. VLMs retrieve trays of stored items and deliver them to operators as needed. By utilizing vertical space, they maximize storage capacity while minimizing the required floor space. The retrieval process is computer-controlled, ensuring accurate and rapid access to items. VLMs can integrate with inventory management software for real-time tracking and efficient order fulfillment. These systems offer increased productivity, reduced picking time, and improved picking accuracy by bringing items directly to operators. VLMs optimize workflow efficiency by minimizing walking and searching.

  • The Crane-based Mini Load ASRS 

It is an automated storage and retrieval system for handling loads in compact storage aisles. With a dedicated crane-mounted load-handling device for each aisle, it maximizes space utilization and improves efficiency. The system is ideal for warehouses and distribution centers with limited floor space. Its automation reduces manual labour and minimizes errors, allowing for fast and accurate retrieval and storage of items. Simultaneous handling of multiple tasks enhances productivity. Integration with inventory management software enables real-time tracking and efficient order fulfillment.

  • Vertical Buffer Modules (VBMs) 

These are economical and effective tote handling systems used in various industries. They feature an enclosed shelving system with a movable mast at the center for storing and retrieving totes. Totes can be delivered to an ergonomic picking station or outbound conveyor. VBMs optimize storage capacity by utilizing vertical space efficiently, saving floor space. They offer flexibility for handling totes of different sizes and configurations. The system ensures fast and accurate retrieval, reducing picking time and enhancing order fulfillment efficiency. Additionally, VBMs improve ergonomics by bringing totes to a comfortable working height, minimizing strain.

  • The Robotic Cube Storage system

It  is an advanced inventory management solution that uses robots to handle tasks like organizing inventory items into bins and retrieving them. These robots can move autonomously within the cube, find and retrieve specific bins, and transport them to designated workstations. This system offers significant benefits in terms of efficiency and throughput, and its capacity can be scaled up by increasing the number of robotic shuttles. It’s ideal for environments where fast and accurate order fulfillment and efficient inventory management are crucial.

  • Floor robots, AGVs or AMRs

These are efficient for storing and retrieving inventory. These robots use portable storage shelving and operate autonomously within the facility. They navigate using sensors, cameras, or lasers to safely maneuver and avoid obstacles. This system offers a flexible and scalable solution for inventory management. The robots can prioritize and optimize the movement of storage shelves based on operational requirements, reducing travel time and maximizing efficiency. The use of AGVs or AMRs improves productivity and operational effectiveness. The autonomous nature of these robots reduces the need for manual labour and enables continuous and efficient material handling. They offer a versatile solution that can adapt to changing inventory demands and optimize workflow within the facility.

What are the advantages of ASRS Systems?


  • Maximize Storage Capacity  

ASRS systems offer dense storage and save up to 85% of floor space compared to traditional shelving. They utilize vertical space efficiently, maximizing storage capacity. This is especially beneficial for facilities with limited space or high inventory volumes. ASRS systems improve material handling efficiency and reduce picking time. The compact footprint enhances productivity and creates organized warehouse environments.

  • Labor Reduction  

ASRS systems significantly reduce labour requirements, requiring approximately 2/3 less manpower than manual shelving. Automation handling the storage and retrieval tasks requires fewer personnel to manage inventory operations. This labour reduction reduces costs and frees up resources to be allocated to other critical tasks within the facility.

  • Precision and Accuracy  

ASRS systems with pick-to-light technology have a 99.9% pick accuracy rate, thanks to visual indicators that guide operators to the exact item location, eliminating human error. This enhances order accuracy and operational efficiency, especially when customer satisfaction is crucial. Additionally, pick-to-light technology helps reduce costs associated with fulfillment mistakes like returns and replacements.

  • Quick and Efficient Retrieval 

With ASRS systems in place, businesses can ensure greater inventory control, as they can effectively manage their stocks and keep accurate track of it. This technology enables companies to retrieve stored items when needed, quickly and efficiently. Additionally, ASRS solutions optimize warehouse space, which is a significant advantage in today’s competitive business environment. With the use of ASRS systems, there is no more need to manually search for inventory. Instead, the system will automatically locate and retrieve items, streamlining the process. 


In today’s competitive business environment, ASRS systems offer a strategic advantage by optimizing warehouse space, improving material handling efficiency, and creating organized and efficient warehouse environments. Godrej Koerber has solidified its position as an industry pioneer and market leader by consistently delivering top-notch solutions in automated storage systems’ design, supply, installation, and commissioning. Their expertise lies in implementing ASRS Systems. These systems are designed to optimize the storage and retrieval of goods, materials, and products by utilizing advanced automated technologies. As a result, their ASRS Systems have been instrumental in enhancing the efficiency and productivity of various businesses across the globe.


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