Gall Goriye (New Punjabi Song) Raftaar Ft Maninder Buttar | Official Video

Rapper Raftaar and Maninder Buttarhas come up with a new Punjabi track titled as Gall Goriye. Video of the new song of Gall Goriye- Raftaar with Maninder Buttar has been released on YouTube and mp3 version. Even the song is available for the download purpose from many other music related websites. Music to its video, singing to the rapping, Maninder Buttar’s Gall Goriye is an amazing piece.

Maninder Buttar has voiced many mesmerizing Punjabi songs like- Viah, Kitte Kalli, Dil nu, Yaari and many more. Even Raftaar has gained huge love from his fans with his lots of hits. Maninder Buttar’s fan following will surely increase with his new song Gall Goriye and it has huge colors.

Gall Goriye- Raftaar Ft Maninder Buttar

Video of the Punjabi song feature Raftaar and Maninder Buttar with lot of energy and girls around them. Colorful and exotic locations of the song will attract you towards its video. Music of Gall Goriye has been composed by Raftaar and Jaani has penned the lyrics down for the same. Raftaar’s rap has proved to be the icying on the cake for the Gall Goriye song.

Details of New Punjabi Song- Gall Goriye

Singer: Manider Buttar Ft Raftaar

Album: Zero to Infinity

Lyrics: Jaani

Music: Raftaar

Video by: Arvindr Khaira

Lyrics of Gall Goriye starts with the line- tu kinni sohni lagdi ae paa ainak kaaliyan kaaliyan. Catch line of the song is like- gali gali hundi teri gall goriye thode jeha hisaab naal chal gori.

Official Video of New Punjabi Song Gall Goriye

Watch out the official video of new Punjabi song Gall Goriye of Raftaar ft Maninder Buttar. Click on the play button to check out the Gall Goriye video.

The song Gall Goriye has been recorded under the banner of Zee Music Company along with Ankit Khanna Projekts. Download video and mp3 version of Raftaar Ft Maninder Buttar’s Gall Goriye and enjoy. Wait for more songs from the album Zero to Infinity because it has lot more to come up.


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