Kamli New Punjabi Song By Gurinder Rai & Preet Hundal | Check Official Video

If you are tired of hearing every Punjabi song in the industry about guns and alcohol then Gurinder Rai’s new Punjabi song Kamli is exactly the one song you should immediately turn up to. Gurinder Rai and Preet Hundal’s Kamli is like a breath of fresh air in a plethora of gangster songs in the industry and reminds us of a time when the lyrics of the Punjabi songs weren’t that shallow. The song is available to download here.

Good Punjabi music makes a comeback with new song Kamli from Gurinder Rai and Preet Hundal.

If we were to define Gurinder Rai and Preet Hundal’s Kamli we will say it is a fine piece of art. The lyrics hit your deepest insecurities and the music accompanies you on the feel trip. The new Punjabi song Kamli is written by Preet Hundal and each line haunts you in its own way. Helming the composer’s hat for the song Kamli by Gurinder Rai is also Preet Hundal and he does a job too well here.

The music is exactly in line with the lyrics and helps in painting the picture just right.  Gurinder Rai’s vocals have huge potential and they are exercised to quite an extent in the new Punjabi song Kamli. He has a wide dynamic range which is perfectly in sync with the music. All in all the new Punjabi song Kamli is a one man show by Preet Hundal. The song Kamli can be downloaded from most major streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, Saavna nd Wynk.

The video of Gurinder Rai’s Kamli directed by Tru-Makers and stars Kanika Maan.

The video of Gurinder Rai’s new Punjabi song is equally impressive and Tru-Makers have a done a wonderful job directing it. The song tells the story of a married woman who ends up being a set piece in the house and tries hard to get her husband’s attention. The video of Kamli by Gurinder Rai and Preet Hundal is something similar to what we saw in Guri’s Dooriyan. Interestingly Kamli stars the same model Kanika Maan. watch the full video of the song below:


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