List of Some Top Level Blockchain Platforms Being Popular in 2023

Blockchain pops out as one of the best technologies out of other platforms available on the crypto platform in recent years. Credit goes to the decentralised nature of cryptocurrency due to which its security, and speed work effectively over many sectors and industries as well. At the initial stage, blockchain was very helpful for the economic growth of other sectors such as supply chain management, the field of logistics, and healthcare technology as well. There is no doubt that in upcoming years, the adoption of blockchain will be enhanced and will grow tremendously as well as signify the expenditure on blockchain solutions that will reach $20 billion by recent year. Discover the epitome of quality and innovation by navigating and engaging with top-rated platforms.

List of top blockchain platforms

The interest of the users in the blockchain platform is constantly increasing. There is no doubt that businesses are more interested in adopting blockchain by getting secure blockchain application development with the use of the powerful approach of blockchain platforms such as Ethereum. Every year several blockchain platforms were introduced in the market and many of them were preferred by the blockchain platform. Therefore, in case confusion is created among all platforms, the best one can be configured through functionalities of different platforms and as preferred by the experts as well. Although several blockchain platforms are available in the market among all, here are some best featured and high prospective platforms available in the market which makes them successful as given below:

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum placed its position after Bitcoin in the crypto market which became popular despite being one of the oldest and most predominant Blockchain platforms. The decentralised financial applications and crypto atheists prove its significance. Moreover, the basic target of Ethereum is to foster innovations and make it possible that the system can generate more and more decentralised applications to generate more possibilities. We can overview the key feature of Ethereum Key features of Ethereum–

  • There is no need for any central authority which enables interactions with anyone because it has trustless interactions and no need for any intermediaries. 
  • It is an open-source project that anyone can enter at any time. 
  • Ethereum followed the consensus mechanism of proof of work. 
  • Smart contracts were used by the developers to make transparent and automatic developments. 

IBM Blockchain

The co-founder of IBM blockchain is IBM to streamline businesses to make them more efficient. This platform offers other tools as well such as healthcare, crypto identity, and many more. As more functions and features of the IBM blockchain will be enhanced, it will easily create, instruct and operate blockchain networks. Due to this the desire for the blockchain developers for more will also be increased. Therefore the best features available in the IBM blockchain is as under:

  1. To create and design a blockchain network, IBM blockchain has a user-friendly interface. 
  2. The organisation creates and deploys smart contracts with IBM blockchain as they have a self-executing agreement that works on the blockchain making to make a reliable and experienced company of smart contract 


One of the proper blockchain platforms is Ripple and its currency is XRP. Ripple is used as a payment network based on Blockchain further followed by a consensus mechanism to promote real-time, cross-border marketing. They plan to revolutionise the current financial system by putting back the current SWIFT network and delivering fast & reasonable transactions.

Features attained then Ripple–

  1. Several products were offered by Ripple such as xVia, xRapis, etc for offering solutions to some financial organisations to facilitate payments all over the world. 
  2. Ripple can operate with other payment networks and some financial establishments as well.
  3. It is based on a unique sequence of consensus algorithm (RPCA) which is proof of effective and efficient transactions.  


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