Makhna – New Song by (Gurdas Maan) – ਮੱਖਣਾ Official Video

Gurdas Maan’s latest song Makhna is doing rounds of the internet & is trending on Youtube. Makhna by Gurdas Maan comes just a couple of months after the song Punjab and this one too is expected to reach millions of views just as the last song did.

The word Makhna in the song has been dedicated to Gurdas Maan’s wife.

Gurdas Maan New Song Makhna

Makhna by Gurdas Maan

Song Title: Makhna

Album Name: Punjab

Singer: Gurdas Maan

Makhna lyrics have been written by: Gurdas Maan

Music is by: Jatinder Shah

Director: R.Swami

Concept has been given by: Manjeet Maan

Makhna by Gurdas Maan – Video

The official Youtube video of Majhna Punjabi song by Gurdas Maan is out. Click play below to watch the video and listen to Gurdas Maan Makhna song.

The video of the song Makhna by Gurdas Maan has an excellent storyline. The song starts when Gurdas Maan’s daughter tells him that she and her mom are angry with him because he’s going to London. His daughter also gives him an idea to try a musical instrument. That’s from where the song starts as Gurdas Maan tries to impress his wife and his daughter by singing the song Makhna.

Makhna Gurdas Maan Album Punjab

Gurdas Maan Makhna is the second song from his album Punjab that was released by Saga Hits in the starting of 2017. Punjab album title song was dedicated to drugs and the how the Punjabi culture is being destroyed. Punjab song by Gurdas Maan got a whopping response.

Same is expected from this new song of Gurdas Maan – Makhna. This is more on the romantic side but it is the voice of Gurdas Maan that does the magic – always.

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