Mankirt Aulakh – Daang (New Punjabi Song) – Official Video Out | Watch Here

Mankirt Aulakh after the immense success of ‘Gangland’ seems to enjoy the Punjabi thug music too much. His already viral new Punjabi song Daang has already been playing in the car of every Punjabi youngster and to add to that popularity Mankirt Aulakh has released the song’s music video on YouTube as well. Daang is already available for download here.

Mankirt Aulakh needs to redefine his music after his new Punjabi song Daang

Mankirt Aulakh has been the name behind every second thug song for a while now and it is getting way too predictable as an artist now. The success of Gangland might have added to doing songs like this but his new Punjabi song Daang just doesn’t hit the tone right. Mankirt Aulakh’s Daang is written by Deep Kahlon and we feel it might have needed a more folk like touch on the vocals.

What the new Punjabi song does get however is an urban peppy pop like music which even fails to be intended hip-hop. The man on the vocals of new Punjabi song Daang, Mankirt Aulakh is definitely not at his best here. If we were to pick his wedding songs are much more fun than these gangsta outings.

The music by MixSingh is nothing to write about and just doesn’t manage to get the feel right. The new Punjabi song Daang by Mankirt Aulakh is no Gangland but still will manage to connect with the youth. The song is available to download at most major streaming services like Apple Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, and Saavn.

Sukh Sanghera’s Video of Daang is his second one this week.

On video duty for Mankirt Aulakh’s new Punjabi song Daang is Sukh Sanghera. He is one of the most sought after names in the Punjabi music industry when it comes to video directors. This week there are two videos releasing by him. One of them is Changey Din by Kambi and the other new Punjabi song is Mankirt Aulakh’s Daang. The video of Daang is shot in an urban akhara kind of set up and is the same gangster video that every second Punjabi songs offer.


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