Mehdi Abouelmahassine Explains The Role of Graphic Designer in the 21st century

In today’s time, designers play’s a vital side role for product marketing. According to Mehdi Abouelmahassine, the role of the designer has changed from a decade or so. Companies and brands understand the impact of an excellent designing of the product. John Maeda renowned designer has rightly said that computational designer has to impress millions of people online with his creativity.

In a recent talk with Mehdi Abouelmahassine and well known graphic designer who is famous for designing sportswear logos, then clothes, gadgets and other things. He shared his views on graphic designing and what he does to give something unique and new to his clients.

Mehdi Abouelmahassine feels is not all about giving the right colours to graphic; it’s an idea a concept which should connect to audiences. He feels it should be meaningful and result oriented, and work is only complete when you make a conceptual design which is beneficial for business.

No matter how much good designer you are but you should know the line of making a design which should be useful, but it should be suitable for marketing too where audiences can understand the whole concept of your product.

Mehdi Abouelmahassine feels designer should be cooperative and focus on making product design, which solves all the problems of marketing.

Mehdi Abouelmahassine comes in elite designers list because of his perfection; he loves to giving finish touch to design in his style, which takes him to a different level from ordinary designers in the market. Mehdi has a stellar portfolio; he loves to experiment with things in his style. He never gets scared of any projects comes to him, and he feels every new expectation from him will make his work better and improve designing skills and help him to grow in various fields of action other than sportswear.

Mehdi Abouelmahassine specialty is logo designing, product designing, cloth designing for various products. He loves to design new things in sportswear, sneakers, and he feels his creativity comes in this filed. He believes in his instinct, and that has helped him grow as a better graphic designer.

He loves to work on projects on sports he feels it is his forte and Mehdi always shows his designs to the world with his Instagram account where many celebs and other fans around the world following him and his designs. He is an inspiration for many new graphic designers.



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