New Punjabi Song (Bhangre Wala Gana) by Gagan Wadali | Official Video Out

Gagan Wadali comes with a new Punjabi song Bhangre wala gana on youtube & mp3 this wedding season. With all latest Punjabi beats & amazing dance, Gagan Wadali’s Bhangre wala gana has been trending on youtube. From wedding dance to small small masti @ wedding venue, it has shown it all in one video. Also the latest track of Gagan Wadali has been available for download from various websites.

Gagan Wadali has recorded a Punajbi track Kiwain kara pyar & listeners have shown immense love to him. And now its time to tap your feets on the beats of Bhangre wala gana by Gagan Wadali this wedding season. Official video of the new song is below.

Gagan Wadali’s Latest Punjabi Song (2017) Bhangre wala gana

Official video of new punjabi song Bhangre wala gana features Gagan Wadali, Sonu Hanjra, Preety & Aarushi Jain. And it has been  alovely treat to watch the video of Gagan Wadali’s Bhangre wala gana because it showcases the real life masti of a Punjabi wedding. Scroll down & watch out the official video of newly released song Bhangre wala gana by Gagan Wadali.

Bhangre Wala Gana by Gagan Wadali (New Punjabi Song)

Singer: Gagan Wadali

Lyrics: Gagan Wadali

Music: Aar Bee

Video by: Jai Pandit

Label: Ramaz Music

Also the lyrics of the recently released Punjabi song Bhangre wala gana has been penned by Gagan Wadali himself- ho vyah wich ae aj sare aj-dhaj ke khushi vi mana layiye ajo sare nach ke, yaar belli dekho kive dur ho ke baithe kehnde bhagre da aj katho raah koi na, ho jera bhangra na pave manu lagda vyah da onu chah koi na (2), ho tave tave tave ho dj utte gana vajda onu sooh jera bhangra na pave.

Official Video of Bhangre Wala Gana (New Punjabi Song) by Gagan Wadali

With all new bhangra moves & unique music, Gagan Wadali releases a new Punjabi song titled Bhangre wala gana. Click on the play button below & enjoy the latest Punjabi track Bhangre wala gana by Gagan Wadali. Watch out the official video below.

Hope you enjoyed the newly released Punjabi song by Gagan Wadali & learned some latest steps for your next bhangra performance. For every new Punjabi song keep visiting


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