Pind Pehra – Punjabi Song By Harvy Sandhu (Official Video)

Pind Pehra – new Punjabi song by Harvy Sandhu is trending on Youtube. The music for Pind pehra has been given by Deep Jandu. The video of the new Punjabi track ‘Pind Pehra’ has been released under the banner of Hit Waves and the concept for the video has been developed by Pindan Wale Jatt.

‘Pind Pehra’ song by Harvy Sandhu showcases the story of every Punjabi who stays foreign to earn money. The song ‘Pind Pehra’ will definitely relate to all the NRIs and their journey of the foreign country from Punjab. Along with Harvy Sandhu, Karan Benipal, Deep Jandu have also been seen in the video of the new Punjabi song ‘Pind Pehra.

Harvy Sandhu’s Song Pind Pehra

Harvy Sandhu has not only sung the latest Punjabi track ‘Pind Pehra’ but also penned the lyrics of the song. The new Punjabi song start with the line ‘Lutda nazaare puri karda si aish, mukkane na ditta kadi bapu ne cash’. And the tagline of the song says, ‘pind ta si jihne kadi pehra vi ni laya, hun kare security di job mittro.’

Pind Pehra Song - Harvy Sandhu

Singer: Harvy Sandhu

Lyrics: Harvy Sandhu

Music: Deep Jandu

Producer: Deep Grewal

Label: Hit Waves

The storyline of the song ‘Pind Pehra’ compares the lifestyle of the youth in Punjab and foreign. It shows all the difficulties faced by the Punjabi youth in foreign countries in just 5.10 minutes of the song.

Pind Pehra Song by Harvy Sandhu (Official Video)

Click on the play button to check out the video of Harvy Sandhu’s new Punjabi song ‘Pind Pehra’. Also, enjoy the bhangra moves by Harvy Sandhu and Deep Jandu in the video.

Although the lyrics have a deep meaning but a song is a peppy number, you can even do the bhangra on the song ‘Pind Pehra. Fir dasso Punjabiyon tusi apne pind pehra dita ja nai?

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