Punjab by (Harjit Harman) – New Punjabi Song | Official Video Out

Harjit Harman is one of the most underrated Punjabi singers in the industry right now and wants the attention he deserves before the industry is faded into the songs about fake gangsters and guns. His latest Punjabi song ‘Punjab’ intends to take you down the memory lane and remind the ‘cool kids’ where you come from.

The singer Harjit Harman who has given us hits like ‘Jatti’ and ’24 Carat’ brings to us his new song Punjab which can be downloaded as mp3 here.

Latest Punjabi Song of 2017: Punjab by Harjit Harman

The new Punjabi song of 2017 ‘Punjab’ by Harjit Harman is not your average love song, it intends to find your inner self and rethink what we have done to our land today. I’m going to take a moment and pitch him against the likes of Gurdas Maan Sahab who has always maintained niche and respect in the songs that they make. There are so many veterans in the Punjabi music industry who have lost all respect and stepped into the genre of making songs about alcohol and guns but Harjit Harman’s Punjab proves he is not one of them. His latest Punjabi song Punjab tells the story of partition and reminds us of the times when Lahore and Dilli were part of the same nation.

The lyrics of the Punjabi song are written by Pragat Singh and he has done a commendable job. The music department of Harjit Harman’s latest Punjabi song ‘Punjab’ is headed by Atul Sharma and never hits a false note. Download and stream the mp3 song at Apple Music, Saavn, Spotify, Google Play Music and Wynk music.

Official Video of Harjit Harman’s latest Punjabi song 2017 ‘Punjab’

The official video of the latest Harjit Harman song ‘Punjab’ is not an easy one to watch. It may remind you of the stories of partition time period that you heard from your grandparents. ‘Wandeya Gya Punjab Te Palle Yadan Reh Gyi Na’ is one of the few of the lines of the lyrics which may leave you teary eyed. Watch The video of the song Punjab below which stars the man Harjit Harman itself:


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